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 Immortality - a few basics

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PostImmortality - a few basics

I promised Black Rose some months ago that I would put together some info to help with the basics and outline what various teachings say about immortality/apotheosis/transfiguration.

Immortality and the undead, together and separately, are discussed in every single time and culture. From the great ascended Yogi's, to the Strigoi, to shapeshifters and demigods every single section of humanity on the earth have their tales, myths and legends. In some they are seen as cursed evil creatures, in others blessed and powerful. In Romania for example a werewolf is seen as a wretched cursed creature that goes had in hand with the vampiric walking dead, however in the North American Native culture they are presented as skinwalkers, adept shaman that can cross the barriers of our illusion and create their own forms.

Before we go into ways and hows a few biological facts.

In the natural world, there is a hormone called PTTH which is responsible for triggering and aiding the dramatic metamorphosis of a larvae/caterpillar into a winged adult such as a butterfly or dragonfly. This hormone is released by all creatures that have the ability to transfigure. And it has been found to be secreted by the hypothalamus gland in the human brain in some individuals. This was discovered in a study conducted by a London University student back in the 1980's who was exploring the effects of esoteric practices on human physiology. I have tried to find online data - my data comes from direct contact with a someone involved in the study - but so far to no avail. I guess its not something that a University would want releasing as it wouldn't bode well in the mainstream community, kind of like the fiecely debate discovery that DMT is naturally released by the pineal gland ( Flouride calcifies and renders the pineal inactive). If anyone else does find a link to this info please message me.
This would suggest that even on a physical level the body is meant for much much more than we could even dream of.
The human body is incredible. The human mind even more so. Given the right stimuli and surroundings it can break every limitation put upon it by modern science. Levitation, firewalking, transcending pain, instant healing, coming back from death, full metabolism with no ill effects of poisons, bilocation, living without food or drink to name but a very few. And of course immortality. ( my partner and I have, between us, experienced nearly all of the above before working on apotheosis )
Given that on a human level we don't even scrape the surface of what we are capable of, what happens when we throw a few spirits/demons/vampire into the mix?
There are many that pooh pooh the view that man can become immortal - to them I simply ask if all the ancients were liars, if all the holy men and woman in the East delusional? And what about the Alchemists such as Nicholas Flamel....And then turn my back - there is no place in my reality for doubt or naysayers and a true seeker would never discuss his search with fools such as those as their negativity and closed minded attitude is one of the very things that would stop you from succeeding in your efforts.
DOUBT, such as that sown by closed minded fools, DESTROYS ALL MAGICKAL EFFORT.
There is a line between constructively looking at your goals and making sure that they are achievable and that all obstacles are removed, and doubt. You may see that deep inside you have doubts - find them, sit with them, be honest, ask where they come from, feel the emotion, allow it to move out, face the fears of failure, of maybe being seen as a fool, allow it to be seen, grow and then destroy it ( I have mediations for this if anyone wants them). DOUBT DESTROYS. Period. There is no room for it in the work of a Magi so it needs to be faced and removed.

The next biggie is fear, but fear is more easily faced. It is usually our doubt in ourselves the makes the fear insurmountable. We will look at fear in more depth in a moment.

I don't want to point fingers at 'a big bad wolf', as all throughout history mans soul has been used as a way of control and manipulation, but in our times christianity is the main culprit for doubt and fear. Strangely, their religion is based on the myth of a man who followed the mystical teachings laid out in the Egyptian and far Eastern mystery schools and went through the full process of transfiguration into an undead. Yes, you read that right, the myth claims that he became an UNDEAD. It also claims that he said we can all be like him and more....the books subsequently allowed into the christian holy book that are used as the base of the majority of the worlds beliefs ( including islam - read the koran and see the parallels) go on to damn anyone who should follow the natural teachings and strive to be more as presented by their 'leader'.
The western world has been brainwashed and tortured out of their natural birthright and instead trapped into limiting beliefs and fears.
If you actually look at the Jesus birth myth it is actually in line with the birth of other great 'undead' prophets such as Horus and Mithras. Sadly though, instead of inspiring us to reach for the pinnacle of human spiritual achievement, this myth has been used to bind and induce fear. However not all the ways that can be followed to reach this pinnacle would necessarily meet a righteous mans approval! Wink

Anyway, onwards to Demons and the Undead

Firstly, demon actually means 'Astral Being with Wisdom' , and is not necessarily some evil fiend who hates all life! Wink
Some so called demons are dark Djinn, others were pre-christian deities that the church demonised and there are some that are angels that pissed off Jehovah as they wouldn't play subservient ball. To my mind the Angels from the christian religion are nothing more than Jehovahs baliffs and watch dogs - if you don't follow the rules we punish you. I am mentioning this as demons have such a damn bad press, and yes, spiritual beings can be well tricky, but the main fear we have as a race, which is actually inherent in us all at some level as its part of the collective consciousness, was planted by disinformation by a religion that was used to gain control over the masses. When dark meditations are undertaken often the deep deep fears surface and having some history and understanding can help deal with those fears.

There are many undead forms - Lich, Vampires, Werewolves, Succubi, Ascended oracles etc etc

Lich - these are magi who have used magical processes to extend their lives indefinitely by transfiguring their mortal soul, often through an act of great perversion/destruction that releases enough energy to allow the transfigured soul essence to reanimate and change their mortal bodies. They would usually use an object as a soul anchor so that if their physical body was attacked and killed the soul would still be anchored on Earth and could either reaminate the mortal shell or go off and seek a new one.

Vampire - there are 3 main ways of becoming one of these beings that is acknowledged by my school
  a demon literally takes over a physical shell left by a human soul in which case the consciousness is entirely demonic but may have the memories of the life of the old inhabitant
   An individual dies due to a vampiric demonic attack - usually an astral attack- that damages the mortal soul and allows the demon to literally take it over and control it as part of itself. Again there would be no conscious will on the part of the human.
  Conscious transfiguration with the aid of a vampiric diety/demon that brings about the melding of the two souls. They are still them, but they also fill you and transmute your soul so it becomes vampiric as well. You retain full consciousness as self however take on over time the attributes of the chosen sponser. Often a soul anchor/s is necessary as well.
  There is also a technique of pulling in your ascended Vampire form and bonding with it - there is a book online called the Teachings of the Immortals which gives a good base for this.
Werewolves - Some original teachings stem back to Babylon - there is a werewolf form of Lilith. The Egyptian Temple of Wepawet was a werewolf Order, Hekate has a werewolf tradition as do all cultures that have a shamanic background. True teachings are very hard to find and to be honest I personally am only familiar really with astral tranformation, although I know physical is possible.
Succubi - they are basically vampiric demons that live more on sexual energy. I am aware that some on this forum are only aware of the 2 forms mainly depicted by common literature and film, but believe me there are many many forms that transfiguration can take - if there is a spirit being that can hold it then mans soul can be changed into it and the body take that form. In many shamanic cultures the soul is seen as being across time/space and dimensions so exists as all forms anyway - the process of change is the melding of potentials and existences. Again a succubi is often needed, but the teaching of the White Tiger School show women how to use male sexual fluids to prolong youth and life up to full attainment of an immortal status. These ladies need sexual fluid, the same as a good old fashioned succubi Wink. There are also Chinese tantric teachings for men - in fact one particularly infamous Emperor used to collect virgins for his harem who he drained of all sexual energy on their night of deflowering and had executed in the morning as they were of no further use to him. Obviously the taking of energy/fluid was not the only practice as these were based in Taoism and the meditations and spiritual disciplines that go with that would have been adhered to strictly.

Ascended Oracles - those that have gone into the Void and obtained the Void mind so human limitations no longer hold true - my own school, the Temple of Maergzijrah, would give more info on this.

As I mentioned in the Succubi/Incubi description, other practices have been adhered to, meditations followed in the past by those searching for power and immortality. And it does not change in this day and age. If a magi wishes to obtain an ascended form he must work at it. The changing of the human soul takes power. If you are 'changed' you lose autonomy of yourself. If you change with and work with a spirit you are still you but with the bonus of incredible abilities ( which actually don't usually suddenly just appear - they take time to filter in and the adaptation time can be pretty traumatic if one hasn't prepared properly and cut all ties)

Preparation is essential - whether you are following the rites put out here, or if you are working with a Temple/Lodge.


MEDITATION is essential. The ability to still your mind, to visualize and travel can not be rated highly enough. There are many ways to learn, but in the end the goal is to go through fear, pain, worldly concerns and reach the space of the Void/no mind.
Dark meditations are equally important. Meditating alone in a graveyard, in a cupboard, in a cave in darkness and silence. Anywhere where you can feel you resistances and fears and face them. DO NOT MEDITATE IN AN AREA THAT MAY ENDANGER YOU. Facing your fears is not hanging out by the edge of the local lake in Florida hoping the alligator will wander on, or in the grizzle bear cave. That's just plain stupid. Facing fear is about your internal fear. Fear of death, damnation, ridicule, pain, of the dark, the unknown, of demons and vampires ghosts and things that go bump in the night. Fears layer, and we may believe ourselves to be fearless but ultimately the darkness usually brings them to the surface. Fear can be our greatest ally - fear is suppose to tell us when there is danger and aid us to protect ourselves. It can bring out the best. There is a saying that goes that only a fool goes into battle without fear. It can also be a binding restrictive enemy that freezes us into inaction. That is the fear we are addressing. Fear of death is normal - as living biological being we should want to live - however death is only a doorway. Granted ,most don't consciously come back, but the unconsciousness that stops that is in part caused by fear. Facing it is very freeing. Again I can post mediations if anyone wants them.
Mediate with the deities/demons that are guiding you and petition them for help direction. Ask them to help you deal with anything that comes up whilst preparing.

Spiritual exercises such as astral projection and path workings are important.

Diet and exercise is another important area. The body has to be fit and strong to deal with the energies that go with this kind of process. My own Grandmaster urges disciples to consider organic fresh food - plain simple things such as vegetables, fruits, meats, cheeses and milk and simple whole grains. In fact those that are working on the Vampiric path do frequent 'dieters' when only plain bread, plain red meat, blood, red wine and water are taken. These can last weeks. Another reason why a strong body is needed as they can be very taxing. He also recommends a regular exercise program.
The body has to be strong enough to come back and hold the changed soul essence.

I am going to note a few areas of exploration here -
The Teachings of the Immortals
The Black Court - Temple of Maergzjirah and Order of the Lich
The next two I have not explored in depth as they to info on membership and I personally don't need that -
The Asetian Vampires of the Kemetic Order of Aset Ka
The Vampire Temple

I hope some of this has been useful ( sorry about the length) even if helping reinforce that immortality is actually very real and possible!
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Immortality - a few basics :: Comments

Re: Immortality - a few basics
Post on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:18 am  Satrinah
I thought I may aswell post a few meditations on now
The first is for regaining lost power and autonomy. This is written by my partner, Peter, so I can take no credit for it at all! Wink

Take Back Your Power

In this new age we learn that we all create our own reality, and yet society teaches us that others are in charge, and we are in fact powerless. In our spirituality we learn of the importance of trust, and yet society teaches us to trust the one in charge, not ourselves. It is obvious that in order to reclaim our spiritual power we have to take our power back from society. To do this you must first understand the different ways in which power has been taken from us.

Since the dawn of society they have always been a few individuals who sought to have power over others in order to more easily fulfil their own dreams. These few have always become the leaders, and have tricked others into thinking they have some kind of divine authority. Society has been created so that the leaders prosper while others work hard to support them. The society to continue to function, it depends on at least 80% of the population expected no more than to work and survive. This requires them to be kept in low wages, ignorant and in low self-esteem. The government, the employment system and the education system are all designed to keep them this way.

From the very beginning the leaders have always used the same weapons of control to take away our power and value. There are basically eight of these, and once we understand these we can take back our power and begin to create our own reality the way we were meant to.

The first weapon is force. Originally this meant using armies to control people, but today the government still use the police force in the same way. If we don't obey we are thrown in prison. We have no say in the laws no matter how ridiculous or illogical they are. We have no control of how much tax the authorities can take from us, and they never had to be accountable for how they spend our hard earned money. And yet those in charge can twist the law any time they choose.

The second weapon is fear. Initially the fear was of violence, but then the leaders learned that people could be manipulated more subtly and therefore more easily by acting on the fear of the unknown, of insecurity or of disapproval.

The third weapon is guilt. This happens a lot with individuals in your life, as people soon learn they can control your behaviour by making you feel guilty. This often comes by exaggerating the impact of your actions, so they make you believe they are hurt when you don't behave in the way they wish you to. It is also set up by creating a standard of behaviour and then making you feel wrong anytime you don't live up to that standard.

The fourth weapon is approval. We all have a need for love, and this often gets distorted into a need for approval. With that need, it is easy to people to manipulate us through disapproval. The need to be proved of forces you to act in ways you might not agree with. You will find yourself sacrificing all your power and freedom to the one whose approval you seek.

The fifth weapon is lying or withholding information. When you don't have the right information, you are unable to make the best choice your own highest good. One of the main weapons used by politicians, leaders and priests is to simply lie about their real motive in asking you to sacrifice your values and power.

The sixth weapon is duty and honour. Honour can be a wonderful value, but is often twisted to be used against you. We get conditioned into a false sense of fairness that makes us give away our money and energy. By being told we have a duty to our country, we give away all our energy, power and money to those in charge. Many are even conned into giving away their lives in war, thinking they are fulfilling a duty to the country, when it is really simply for the profits of those who already hold all the money.

The seventh weapon is altruism. This again can be a wonderful value but is often twisted to manipulate us. It is natural for us to have compassion and therefore consider other needs apart from our own, but through this we are conned into thinking that to focus on our own happiness is selfish and therefore sinful. It is this illusion that leads us to believe that man is here to serve, so we spend our lives working hard with no thought of reward. Religions have largely been controlled by the same leaders to totally condition us into this attitude of servitude. When such a lie becomes a religious ideal, we are totally controlled so that we readily give away all the fruits of our labour, supposedly to the whole, but actually to a few superrich leaders. When a few individuals show a spark of independence and try to retain some of their harvest, the state is granted full power to hunt them down, crush them and confiscate everything.

The eighth weapon is image manipulation. This weapon is particularly powerful because most people are not happy with the way they are. When we are taught a set of standards to live up to, we can be made to feel bad when we don't live up to them. So we can be taught that we are bad if we don't totally suck up to our leaders, that we are not spiritual if we show any aggression or look after our own personal needs, that we are cowards if we don't die for our leaders, that we are evil if we seek to overthrow our aggressors, and so on.

When you realise how much of your power has been taken from you throughout your life, it is no wonder that you are no longer able to create the reality desire. We have all become accustomed to living a powerless life, with low expectations while being constantly drained by the ones in charge. And so the magic and metaphysics don't seem to work. The first thing we need to do, therefore, is take back all the power we have lost. Luckily there is a simple method for doing this.

You are going to do this as a daily meditation. Close your eyes and relax, forget about the world around you, then let your mind dwell on some inner reality. It might be some beautiful place in nature where you imagine yourself to be, or just in a dark room. In this place you are going to imagine that you are holding a stick of birch or oak, which ever feels better. With this stick draw a circle of focus clockwise on the ground around yourself. You are then going to call to the circle people who have taken your power away. They can come to the edge of the circle but can't cross the line. For each person you are going to recognise the ways in which they have taken your power, then imagine them holding this power as a ball of energy or some symbolic form, and you are going to reach out and take it back. They won't want to give it up freely, but in this circle truth prevails, so you will win, but might need to wrestle them for it. You will need to do this number of times, as you'll remember many people who have taken some of your power. There is the added problem that once you've become weak it is hard to win back your power, so at first you won't be able to get it back in one go. You will need to do it several times until you have got it back. As you get stronger, it will get easier. You begin with individuals around you. It can be parents, school teachers, bullies, con artists or people you had relationships with that were controlling. Then you'll move on to the authorities who have taken the greatest amount of power. You might not know who the actual people are, but it is easy to imagine them as cloaked figures you can't quite see, as they do tend to be hidden. Some of these figures might not be individuals, but representatives of the government, religion etc. You are going to keep taking back your power until you have got it all back. You made need to do this every day for several weeks.

The next are some basic meditations for people who are not familiar with meditating to start them off

Basic Meditation 1

The basic meditations are to help you move into a clear space to allow you to reach inside or other beings to reach you.

The first mediation is focusing on your breathe.
Firstly sit comfortably, make sure you are warm and not going to be disturbed for 10 – 15 minutes.
Take a deep breath, breathing in for a count of four, hold the breath for a count of four and then expel for 4.
Breathe in again for 4, hold for for, breathe out for 4.
keep up the breathing, concentrating on the in and out until you feel relaxed and comfortable. Then breathe in for a count of 5, hold for 5 and breathe out for 5, Again, keep this up until you are ready to move to a count of . Make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. If you have thoughts intrude allow hem to pass and gently take your mind back to concentrating on you breath
Maintain the breathing and concentration for a while and then sit quietly for a while either feeling internal thoughts, and letting them pass, or givng space for internal or other communication.

Meditation 2

Mediation 2 is using a flame to focus the mind rather than breath.

Sit comfortably in a warm place where you will not be disturbed.
Light a candle flame and the gaze at it for a few seconds, imprinting the vision of the flame in your minds eye.
When you feel ready, close your eyes and recall the vision of the flame, recalling it in all detail, its brightness, colours, pattern, warmth. Hold the image. If thoughts come in and interrupt let them pass and gently let your mind go back to the flame. Keep this up for 10-15 minutes

The last is for dealing with fear/doubt/anger - any strong emotion. Fear is used as the example but it can be used for anything

Fear meditation

Start by doing one of the basic meditations.
When you feel safe and comfortable and relaxed gently take your mind to the situation which you need to address.
When you have the situation in mind ask yourself what causes you fear and wait. You will have a reaction, a feeling or a thought. It may be to feel silly, it may be anger at the situation or you asking the question or it may be a feeling of disquiet, but whatever the reaction allow it to surface and sit with it. Then ask yourself again. Be the observer. See what you feel, do not react to your reaction or judge. Just observe, and then ask the question, wait, look, and observe, and ask again. Keep asking until you reach a point where you feel deep inside that what you are feeling/thinking/seeing is the truth, the root. Then sit with the feeling, allowing it to be. Try and feel it totally, while being aware that you are observing – this is not easy and you may feel foolish or wish to give up or feel anger, but just persevere. The point is to find the root emotion and remove it. So, allow it to be, feel it, expand into it and then, as if it is something tangible, find the edges of it in your minds eye. All feeling has a beginning and end, it is energy, try to feel it all and find its end, mentally walk around it. When you have walked around it, then step OUTSIDE, so you are looking at it rather than being in it. Then name it, put a label on it that describes what it means/is to you. Then destroy it. The energy at this point will probably have a kind of form. Use in your minds eye the appropriate tools to break down that energy and to break it up. When you see it all smashed up and pulverised then see the appropriate way to dispose of the debris, whether with a vacuum, a brush, a plughole etc etc. When all the energy has gone and has been cleared sit in the clear space in silence and mentally welcome in what you would like to replace the feelings that had been there. Allow your else to adjust and then sit in silence for a while, in the clear space.
Re: Immortality - a few basics
Post on Sun Oct 13, 2013 12:26 pm  Whitedemon
thank you so much satrinah.its really great information for all of us
Re: Immortality - a few basics
Post on Sun Oct 13, 2013 9:07 pm  janejane
This is so great Very Happy  The meditation part is easy to understand and  your technique is very useful for all.
Thank you so much.
Re: Immortality - a few basics
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Immortality - a few basics

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