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 Introduction To Magic (A Short Q & A)

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Charm Moonchild


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PostSubject: Introduction To Magic (A Short Q & A)    Tue Sep 04, 2012 3:13 am

Witchcraft is definitely one the most intriguing and overly debatable spiritual path that we have ever since the beginning. If you ask anybody around what is witchcraft or Wicca you would definitely get a multitude of answers starting from “it is evil, it is not allowed and our society bans it, or that you must be crazy”. All these answers and current knowledge on this art have been fabricated over time by cults, organizations and other religions. I do not wish to disrupt anybody’s belief or faith in this introduction but I would just like to give you a meaningful and another meaning of Witchcraft, after all we are here to gain a higher knowledge to what is beyond the physical world that we live in at the moment.

Wicca/Witchcraft is simply a personal spirituality that one person chooses to take in their life. It is a spiritual path that will enlighten their being, open their subconscious to something more than what they have now. A path that will lead them to knowledge and use raw and infinite materials that will yield magic and power with training and dedication. Thus, with these said we will try to answer some basic questions for Wicca and the art of Magic.

• Do I have to submit myself to one god/deity/goddess?

Practicing magic does not let you limit yourself to one higher entity, it does not have laws that will hold you in bounds and question your faith to everything that you act upon and will not act upon. Wicca lets you do whatever feels right to you, it gives you that feeling of security that you can call upon any kind of element to aid you in your work. You do not submit yourself to a single deity but you embrace the power of everything around that will give you the proper desires and magic to do your work.

• Do you go to church or anything?

The beauty of Wicca is that you neither have to go anywhere or submit yourself in any kind of structure to practice it. Wicca reveres the world, this Earth. So anything that is in this good earth if some may call it “holy”. The Earth, the tides, the water, the soil, the air, all life, all plants, animals and people. All of these are sacred. Which means your being which is connected to this life is sacred and the most beautiful element in this world. We do not need “physical churches” to practice unless the need arises for one. Our sacred place is the world around us and lives inside our heart.

• Do you live by any rules or laws?

This is a very wide topic and an article entitled “Code of Ethics in Spell Casting by Priestess Charm” is posted to further discuss it more, (you can also click the link go to that topic Go to Code of Ethics In Spell Casting by Priestess Charm) but in a nutshell the law of Magic basically works on the rules of “Do no harm”. This is the one thing that most magic caster always try to implement on. Our lives do not merely live by dishing out spells or casting anything we want, we also have to live with the consequences of our actions. We live by the threefold rule that anything that is casted by our magic comes back to us 3 fold. So if we cause ill or goodness then it shall come back three folds. Though there are times that is necessary and only when necessary to do harm but one has to be brave enough to face each consequence that this magic will bring.

• Do you try to recruit anyone into Magic? Do you despise any other religions?

First of all, with the above mentioned that Magic loves all forms of life and considers itself as sacred it should suffice to say that we do not despise any religions. No matter how they try bring other spiritual paths down, the only thing that we can assure everyone is that Wicca is not a path that consort on putting down any religion or spiritual path. Our Magic has to be taken into a person’s heart with pure willingness and pure intent. So in turn the person has to be of pure heart to recognize and respect other religions and spiritual path.


Since this will be a great journey for your enlightenment ahead I hope that I was able to give a pinch of salt to your inkling of what magic is. Magic is a beauty that no one should be deprived of, they should be able to see the great path that could lead to a more beautiful world with the world of magic. So to the beginner, may your journeys be well and may you enjoy the path of Magic. Blessed Be!

"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”
― Allen Ginsberg
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PostSubject: thanks   Tue Sep 04, 2012 5:54 am

that was a really helpful post charm.
"Our sacred place is the world around us and lives inside our heart" i guess this holds true for everyone.
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Charm Moonchild


Posts : 200
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PostSubject: You're welcome   Tue Sep 04, 2012 6:06 am


You are more than welcome. Smile I'm glad it helped you and will continue to do so! Good luck!

Blessed Be,

"Follow your inner moonlight; don't hide the madness.”
― Allen Ginsberg
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PostSubject: Re: Introduction To Magic (A Short Q & A)    

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Introduction To Magic (A Short Q & A)
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