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 Serious request

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PostSerious request

Does anyone know a easy but possible to do even at barely a beginner spell or ritual of aspects:

1. Immortality {unlimited years}
2. the ageing of the
3. Faster healing and healing of wounds
4. do not contagious or {even if they act in such a way that a normal person to fell ill, for example, cigarette smoking causing lung disease and so on}
5. the Cure of all diseases that already is, for example, bug eyes, lung disease, ...
6. NOT NECESSARILY, but it would be great if it was easy, fast, no problem in the use of Hypnosis, telepathy, telekinesis, greater speed, strength, agility, improved senses of sight, hearing, smell ... than a normal human, as a vampire, but still being 100% man
7. IT MUST BE! continue to be 100% human {with listed here aspects such as immortality, faster healing of wounds and all the rest, but still be 100% human}
8. IMPORTANT I still able to freely use Magic Magic {black and white} of any aspect of the subject, and above all I by other spells rituals has not remedied those aspects listed
9. it would be that it was all in one, but not necessarily important to, for example, doing a ritual or spell aspect of number 2 does not remove previously made the ritual or spell aspect of number 1, and so on until all these aspects will be achieved
10. If possible, regrowth of severed limbs, all produced by or for example when taking a lunch not carefully cut off was a finger to quickly and painlessly grew, and to be able to work/to do normally, and not that distinguishes, for example, but you can't use it, for example, to be able to finger him freely normally and painlessly move and perform other actions in which it takes
11. in a safe way you can see if it all works
12. Please serious treatment, because I'm asking/please seriously
13. mode To at any time to perform the ritual changes into a vampire

If someone asks whether I kidding?, well, no I'm not kidding, I'm asking/here is how most seriously. Somebody will tell you to do the ritual changes into a vampire, so I'll do it but first I'm looking for other methods to get this because I do not like the vampire is that as you die as a ghost hit forever on Earth {maybe there is no heaven, reincarnation, ... but it is impossible to prove, so}, I don't like also this way of being that every few years the change of {the fact that I wanted to explore the world but}and I really like some human food and I do not want to opt-out of this and a few other reasons ..., so I would look for first, another method of getting this on what I care about, and change into a vampire will leave for the moment in which there will be no issues and I'm going to have to use the ritual changes into a vampire.

Sorry for my bad English but says through translator

P.S Thanks for help
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Serious request :: Comments

Re: Serious request
Post on Mon Feb 10, 2014 4:28 pm  Nightshade
Your questions are reasonable, but becoming immortal and staying human is just as tedious as being either a vampire or werewolf or any other type of immortal creature. Most immortals, who are human tend to don't have super healing. Unless that is one is blessed by a god/goddess. As far as diseases, they are immune if you think about. Immortal, they'll have it for some time but it'll eventually be flushed from their bodies. Though it is recommended that one be familiar with the aspects of magic before even undertaking a spell or ritual. Being absolutely not 100% believing and that of total lack of control in emotions and thoughts. It won't work. Most simple spells don't require one to meditate. But allows one to fully cast a spell with out the need for it. Sadly as far as I know if one is an immortal human they can not change into that of a vampire. With out the bindings of a heavy Binding spell to glue it together.

Even if you are immortal you can do magic. be that from white, grey or black. Magic is magic. All creatures are able to use it. If you wish to become an immortal human I would suggest start with astral projection and travel. If you can become a servant of a being in the astral realm they will in turn take you into their service. But trying to find an old enough being with out them killing you is another story. But none the less it is worth the shot. As far as I know there isn't any easier way than that besides asking a being of dark. Say a good ranking demon to make you an immortal human, with the perks of being a vampire with out the vampires' need of certain food. But that'll have something tied to it, for example something that goes against your moral judgement. Depending on the being you go and make a deal with, always remember that you are going into debt with that being.

And you won't be able to regrow limbs since well you are immortal not an organism that can grow a limb if it gets lopped off. It'll be a permanent thing if you get something lost. Even though you are immortal you'll have some weak points. Like bleeding to death, getting shot in the head or heart, etc.

Immortal humans. I do believe still age but at a slower rate than that of mortal humans. Say in actuality that you become and immortal human and that you are age 21 you'll look younger than your 21 years. But by age 400 you'll look to be in your late 20's to mid 30's.

I assume you have read about being immortal and that you'll have to move a lot and become a different person. Unless you live in the middle of no where with no one around and you hunt and scavenge for your food. But the growing number of people that is a very slim chance of still being found out 100 years later and you still look like you did 100 years before. Only with a slight change.

If you need anymore info please private message me.

Blessed Be

Re: Serious request
Post on Tue Feb 11, 2014 4:31 am  Ttayger
Thank you for your serious response
Re: Serious request
Post on Tue Feb 11, 2014 9:30 am  Nightshade
Ttayger wrote:
Thank you for your serious response

You are welcome
Re: Serious request
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Serious request

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