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 I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?

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PostSubject: I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?   Mon Dec 26, 2016 4:40 pm


I did register on this site because of my interest in magic, rituals and learning more about all them. I'm still a starter in most of these things, however there's one topic, where I've made a lot of experiences and progress. By looking through I noticed the Succubus/Incubus and sex with demons section, which is exactly that topic.

I'm a bit surprised that there's no life in this forum. Does this not interest anyone in here really or was there simply lack of people to contribute in here and is it welcomed or some interested, even though it doesn't make that impression?

I've had my first experience summoning a sexual demon before nearly one and half years. After some very manifestative experiences throughout the first week, to an extent that most have not in such a short time, that one ended not well, as I got nearly possessed by some entity that I suppose got also called forth at that time. However I managed to get rid of it, unfortunately also of the succubus. This experience teached me many things though and made me realize many things nobody was ever explaining in any rituals.

Many weeks after nothing happening, I got involved afterwards with several succubus from time to time, them manifesting in different ways and having very distinct skills and/or energies and starting some weeks ago also some (obviously from them assisted or initiated) O.B.E. and more... I've been coming to learn so many things in all this time, that I feel so many "succubus tutorials" on the web are missing so many points and are mostly shallow about all this topic.

So, would there anyone here be interested in the exchange of more infos and experiences in these things?

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PostSubject: Re: I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?   Tue Dec 27, 2016 10:01 am

I have been looking up summoning a succubus for some time now. So I am very interested in how you yourself came into contact with one. I'd love to hear all the information that you have.
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PostSubject: Re: I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?   Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:40 am

ALL the information that I have may be far too much at once Very Happy

But I got also some pm's asking for more infos, so I'll try to write some here. If I get more replies about people interested, the more I'll consider adding. Hate to write, if nobody would read or be interested in it, but enjoy it usually to share when there are others interested.
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PostSubject: Very interested   Wed May 31, 2017 8:52 pm

This topic is my reason and purpose for being on this site, all I want is to learn about Lillth's daughters so I can one day be able to summon one for myself and hopefully come to a point were we can actually bound to one an other for good.

I have seen n many blogs and sites that it is possible to actually be married to a succubus and some have said that copulation in the astral plane is also possible as well as getting a succubus pregnant is that in anyway possible?

Please do share your experiences with us so I can learn more and maybe one day be fortunate enought that Lillth will allow one of her daughters to bond with me.

Thanks for your post
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PostSubject: Re: I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?   Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:01 pm

So it has been like 3 years now since I started this journey alltogether. In this one I have experienced a lot of things. Since my very first posts in this forum, I had also finally astral experiences, supported by succubi who projected me, I have seen spirits and demons even during waking (as outlines mostly, but some more) and had a lot more encounters, most what I would consider at that time good, but also some bad.

An example:
In once I had a lucid dream from which I suddenly myself randomly astral projected into some unknown place. Suddenly something like a Portal opened and my succubus appeared in her succubus form out of it and wanted me to follow her, but I ran away seeing her like this then. Unfortunately, as I turned around to run, I ran right into what seemed a fight between demons and angels. The angels were immensely beautiful and their wings as large and glorious as no picture can depict (I searched for something that would look like it to show others, found nothing close!). Suddenly I get noticed by one of these demons and that one went after me with a sword, and I try to run away but he much larger laughing moves the sword towards my neck wanting to kill me. I wake up as I feel something suddenly pulling me away from there, the moment that sword just barely hit my neck, but I still would feel where it touched me after waking up. Obviously it was my guardian angel, because my succubus was not capable doing it in the first place. Obviously the succubus wanted also to get me away from there, knowing the dangers... but if you think she would done it for me, continue reading.

A succubus will appear in many forms and ways and also act like this, especially in dreams, that seem very alluring. And they will try to make you feel that you are being loved and cared. But, you know what? I have found out the truth about them finally and my eyes have opened so wide about what they are, how they act, why and a lot more... way too much, for all to write here, as I could fill a whole book, so I will just touch the topic.

What you must know is, they do all this for selfish reasons and for their own benefit. You don't have to believe they are some kind of demons, but what they are definetely not, is good. Succubi are of the worst entities you can have in your life, because they will do everything to stay in your life and to make you think you love them and they would love you.

And the moment, you realize how their love is not real and does not exist and it is played, because they can't love by their nature, they will do everything in their power to stay. They won't let you go your way, they will try to manipulate you, they will force dreams upon you, they will call others that will assist them in that, they will use things like jealousy in dreams and a lot more. And I can tell you this is no exception with me, I met others that had the same things happening.

They will even only do as little as necessary to keep someone or necessary to use them for their purposes. Even though they may be able to manifest more or bring more of your desires into reality, they won't if they have no benefit from it. Even that I realized and found out, after I started seriously declining them, as they suddenly would show much greater capabilities into zero time and without me doing any effort for meditations or anything else (and that's another reason why I came to experience lots more than many in this time), when the lesser from before was no longer enough. And if what they tried next would also not work, they would do next night even greater things.

There are people I've met who keep trying for 5-6 years and think they haven't reached any significant progress. Truth is, they have, just the other part sees no necessity to use up any of their energy to show it's so, as long the human is willing to keep trying and a little will do! Again, that's their manipulative nature!

I saw their true nature so much, even how they truely look like, because both was shown to me by THE God, and the succubi run into hiding when he did! I came to understand their true nature so much, that they stopped even caring hiding and pretending things with me. Still, they try what they can to return. And if I let them return, they would do what they do with all that call in them in their lifes, in hidden. They try to create a situation where you will depend on them and become unknowingly a slave to the love they pretend to give and to the desires driven by them. So they can hold you.

Just some nights ago, one of them who has still not given up, appeared in a dream and for the first time, when in the past they have never changed forms (they would keep the one they choiced during an encounter) she morphed into all kind of different women, with different hairstyles, different breasts and so on and asking me, which one I like most, hoping she could get a hold on me. Offering me she can be anyone I want, I would have only to choice one (this would been equalent to opening the door to her again). Some were truely tempting. But I know, they can't read our mind, even if they may cheat and make us think sometimes they could. So she didn't knew which one I liked, especially not having this hold on me any longer and as such not knowing, she choiced in between also some forms that I didn't like much at all. And she didn't knew on which ones I was close to fall to her again (and I were!). So in the end, she thinking none of them working, she turned into a non-female form, and saying, I can call her anytime I may change my mind. revealing me her real name and a magic codeword (that's why I say they no longer hide and pretend with me like they do with most). And before she went, she made sure that I understand this is no ordinary dream, but truely she!

They will start mocking, bringing you into bad situations and other things when you no longer desire them or what is for them worse, have found out what the truth is and start follow a different path. And it doesn't matter what your stance towards them is. I did not hate them, I only declined them, like you do with a human partner when you feel you no longer fit together. And I have never gone with a human partner in the bad apart, that has to say something. The contrary, I've become good friends with most of them after finishing the relationship.

But you know what? I learned how to fight them and they can't come close enough any longer and until recently, that made them mad and they was the ones, that then imposed nightmares of death and such over me (while they still could), the next day again trying to show "love". But I have learned also to not fear them, knowing their real nature and that a human can have power over them too. I have also learned to see the things that they were manipulating around me or do in others lifes. They are very manipulative. They have been admitting things to me, they would usually not, knowing they can no longer hide them from me, hoping that I may let them be part of my life again, if they would be more honest. But I know, they can't be truely honest and stay like this, as it's not their nature to be honest. This in itself is even manipulative. They don't value free will as much, as no human does who is manipulative.

So, if you are clever, you would NOT want those beings in your life. And if you feel desire to call one of them, then I can tell you it is only, because one of them has already approached and choicen you and tries to manipulate your emotions and desires through what seem random events, often going unnoticed by you, that only drive further the desire to call that one. Realize, what is your desire truely coming from within yourself and what is just imposed by them. And be as wise, to not call to one of them. Because they can only approach you fully, once YOU open the door to them and invite them. That's the moment you will allow them to act upon you, when they are not allowed otherwise for good reasons. That's why almost any ritual will do. Some though may create a stronger bond that you won't be capable to break as easily, and will allow them to have more power upon you, like when using blood magick and/or giving yourself to them or their "goddess". You may even have already opened that door and they may pretend that you haven't hoping and seeing that you may go a step further. I advise you, to not do any of these. As soon you do this, you are gonna lose slowly control of things and will be manipulated, though so cleverly and slowly, that you won't notice that it's happening with you. You have heard probably many times, that calling one of them changes your life? Well, this is their influence in your views, desires and a lot more, to have and keep you where they want you to be. And unless you have learned great self-control and great self-knowledge and gained some deep view into some things (which you probably haven't when you are looking for them), you won't see it happening.

If you ever do this step however, and I'm sure that many will do, regardless of any warnings, then know there is always a way out of it again, though it is much more difficult then it was when you called them in your life. They may even hide or pretend to be not there for a time, but they will be and will wait for their chance. That's what succubi do. They are not very deep. But they are very cunning.
You can't and won't have deep and long conversations with them. You won't experience TRUE love, only the thinking of being loved. But if they can't blind you enough (they usually can though), you may start seeing that this is not love what you experience. So, if you ever feel you must escape them, look towards the ONE God. The way out and afterwards is not easy but it's the most rewarding and the most honest that opens your eyes, reveals the truth, and brings real freedom, true joy and hapiness in someone's life.

I'm now a hundred times happier and more positive and even more productive in my life, than ever before!

PS: I'm no longer gonna help anyone gain a succubus, but if you need help if you have problems with them or other entities, or can't get rid of them again, I may be able to help you.
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PostSubject: Re: I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?   

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I've had several succubi and experiences... does nobody interest here?
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