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PostSubject: WEREWOLF TRANSFORMATION SPELL   Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:52 am

These items are needed for the transformation spell:
Wolf hair
1 Cup animal Blood
1 Teaspoon Belladonna
1 large or several small Moonstones
1 small Talisman Bag
White Chalk
24 Black Candles
TIP:You can try your local zoo for the Wolf Hair and your local butcher for Animal Blood
This ritual needs to be performed after midnight on a night with the full moon.Make sure there are no clouds covering the moon
1.Make a large circle with the 24 black candles.It needs to be large enough for you to sit in.
2.Inside the circle use the chalk to draw a new pentagram
3.Sit inside the circle and light the candles in a counterclockwise order.
4.Hold the Moonstones in your hands and feel the full moon within your being.Lay the Moonstones in front of you.
5.Hold the Wolf Hair in your hands and visualization a wolf.The wolf within you.Lay the Wolf Hair in front of you.
6.Mix the Belladonna with the Animal Blood.
7.Smear some blood on your hands and face.
8.Say the following words:
Creatures of darkness,beasts of the forest,creatures of night listen to me.I ask to be received into your world.I join you on this full moon night.The wolf in the forest join with the beast in me.I feel the blood and hatred struggle to emerge within me.
I want your powerful essence,I want your powerful senses,I want your powerful strength to reside within me.I want to be wolf.
I live my life controlled by the phases of the moon.I am controlled by its power and will listen to my true calling.
Tie me to the moon and her powers.Tie me to the forest and the beast within me.I am two entities and two creatures.
9.Look at the full moon and visualize yourself as a werewolf,think of what you will become,think about all the power you will have.
10.Pick up the Moonstones and Wolf Hair and place them together in a small bag.This will be your talisman
12.Blow out the candles in clockwise order.
13.Repeat this ritual four more full moons(five rituals in total).
You will feel your inner beast becoming more and more powerful.
NOTE:Be very careful with the Belladonna.Do not ingest this poisonous herb
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Posts : 24
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Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: WEREWOLF TRANSFORMATION SPELL   Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:57 am

This a spell I took from a book of shadows.I havent tried it and dont know if it works but I am sure if you follow the instructions one by one and cast the spell properly it will work.I hope this spell can help you.Good luck with it
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