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 Nature of Realiy

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PostSubject: Nature of Realiy   Fri Feb 17, 2017 8:07 pm

What is Reality?

‘’Did you ever have that feeling where you’re not sure if you are awake or dreaming’’
The matrix

WHEN you woke up this morning, you found the world largely as you left it. You were still you; the room in which you awoke was the same one you went to sleep in. The outside world had not been rearranged. History was unchanged and the future remained unknowable. In other words, you woke up to reality. But what is reality? The more we probe it, the harder it becomes to comprehend. How do you know if something is real or if something is not? If you can touch, hear, smell or observe it with all of your 5 senses, something is considered a real thing, a physical object, because based on our perception we can prove that it exist. I can prove to myself that this apple that I’m holding right now, is real. I can see its round shape, I can smell its natural odour, I can feel its shiny skin, and I can taste its fruity flavor by biting into it. So the conclusion would be that this apple is real, right? The truth is far more mysterious and shocking as you might think.
So let me ask you a question: How do you know if you are dreaming? When you go to sleep and you are finding yourself in a dream, you’re not conscious about the fact that you are actually dreaming. You are convinced that the things you see and what you are experiencing is taking place in so called real life. But the actual fact is that everything you see, hear and touch is only a projection of you, manifesting itself as the big apple tree down the road, or as the crowd of people that are walking across the street. The ground that your feet stand on, the air that your body breaths in and every single person that you talk to is just an illusion. You are everything single thing that you observe from an individual standpoint as your egoic self. You are the creator of your dreams, you are the God of your Universe. Even though everything might seem separate, in reality it is not. So let’s stay in that dream a little bit longer. There is not only one way to experience a dream there is multiple ways that you are able to engage in your dream world. You could go to sleep and be totally unconscious and as soon as you wake up it feels like you did not dream at all because you can’t remember a single thing. Or you could remember a few things but as the day continues on, you slowly start to lose the memory of it and only key points might stay in your mind. Then there is also a state of mind where you are actually aware that you are dreaming. There could be dog walking thrue a wall, objects levitating, flying fish or some sort of weird occurrence that will make you question the reality that you are currently in. Those situations can trigger an eye opening moment where the individual that is dreaming suddenly realises that they are making it all up and that they’re actually engaging with one of their dreams. This dream state is called a lucid dream. In a Lucid Dream everything that you can imagine will manifest itself instantly in front of you because there are no set rules or boundaries that can hold you down. You are the programmer of this world; you’re the one that is creating the codes and rules for your software to act upon the created world.

These particular experiences can be very mind opening or can put someone in a complete state of insanity because if one loses them self in there lucid dreams they no longer can decipher if they are actually dreaming, or if they’re awake, no longer is there any difference between being awake in real life or in a dream. The Realisation that everything we experience is just an illusion and that our lives are just another dream, is interconnected with the ultimate truth that ancient masters and civilisations came to understand way before our time. In the ancient traditions, it is known that the universe itself and everything in it, consist of energy that is vibrating at a specific frequency, creating the illusion of solidity.
For centuries now, humans have gazed at the stars and wondered how the universe developed into what it is today. It's been the subject of religious, philosophical, and scientific discussion and debate. One of the most famous and widely accepted models for the universe's development is the big bang theory. The Big bang theory states that the physical universe spiraled out of an unimaginably hot and dense single point called a singularity. Imagines from the Hubble space telescope show, that the universe is against all previous believes and statements’ actually expanding faster and faster as it grows out of the big bang. This knowledge brought forth a big change in the way physics looked upon our physical dimension. Somehow there is more mass in the universe then previously predicted. Accounting for the missing mass it is now said that the universe consist of only 4% atomic matter, what we experience as physical reality. 23% is dark matter and 73% is dark energy. Those numbers may vary and can be updated any time, since there is no absolute mathematical calculation that is proving the exact amount of these predictions. So what humans previous thought of empty space is actually not empty at all but an invisible nervous system, that is connecting all things as it is running through everything in the universe. Ancient Teachers and spiritual masters taught: “Nada Prama”, everything is sound, everything is vibration. In the beginning was the Logos, the word of god, and as god spoke the word came from him because he is the word. The vibratory field is at the core of all true spiritual experience and scientific investigation. This field of energy can be tapped into and is practiced by Saints, gurus, magicians, mystics, shamans and many other spiritual practitioners. To be able to tap into this vibratory field one has to look inside, into their inner world in order to observe it. This vibratory field has been called akasha, the memory of God, the primordial OM, the universal etheric field, the matrix and more than 1000 other names trough out history.
The holographic matrix can be explained with the metaphor of indras jewelled net, that was first introduced by Mahajan Buddhism in the third century. This ancient Vedic teaching illustrates how the fabric of the universe is woven together and acts a symbolic understanding for the holographic nature of reality. So to clarify the image of Indras jewelled net, we need to imagine a spider web that extends into all dimensions, into all directions and into every corner of existence. This multidimensional spider web is made out of water drops, and each water drop has the reflection of all the other water droplets, and in each reflected water trop you will find the reflection of all the other reflected water droplets, the entire web reflects itself into infinity. So if one of the water droplets goes through a change and gets marked with a black dot for example, this black dot will appear in every other droplet on the web. This means that there is no distinction between one drop and all the other droplets, they’re one and the same. This old metaphoric teaching can be seen as an understanding for our holographic reality as each particle in the matrix contains the information of all the other particles. There is no difference between the macrocosm and the microcosm; everything is a reduced sized copy of the bigger picture. Everything that is above is the same as below that’s why anything that exist in the universe can be measured on a geometric scale. One modern day concept that can help us conceptualize the Idea of the sacred geometry are fractals. Fractals are infinitely complex patterns that are self-similar across different scales. They are created by repeating a simple process over and over in an ongoing feedback loop as there is no end to it. You can see the fractal patterns all around you in nature and they are also interconnected with the flower of Life. what we will go into more deeply in another lesson. Fractals can also be mathematically reproduced to visualize the patterns in nature. Advances in computer science in the 1980 allowed us to mathematically reproduce Fractals by visualizing the patters on a computerscreen. When these certain mathematical equations are repeated they produce an unending array of changing geometrical forms with in a limited frame work. In their limitations lies the answer for their infinite complexity as they possess the seed and ability to recreated the whole picture into infinity.
The nature of fractal patterns is totally chaotic in its natural state, yet we can form order out of this chaos by locking the particles into a thing. When we stop to see the bigger picture and only concentrate on a single spot, we are creating it. By labeling something, we create it. If you call me a name and give me attributes based on your perception, you negate everything else that I am and nullify everything that I could be, but at the same time you are creating me, seeing me the way you want me to see and shaping me in your image. You lock the particle into being a thing by pinning it down, naming it, but at the same time you are creating it, as you defy it to exist. When we look at the world we try to see patterns in the bigger picture of live, but the actual fact is that the things you see are just interpretation made by your brain. For example: When you look out of the window, you think that you see an image with your eyes, as this is the way that you have been taught to think. However, in reality this is not how it works at all, because you do not see the world with your eyes, you see the image created in your brains. This is not a prediction, nor a philosophical speculation, but the scientific truth. This concept can be better understood when we realize how the visual system operates. Your eye is responsible for transforming light into an electric signal by means of the cells in the retina. This electrical signal reaches the sight center in the brain creating the vision you see when you look out of the window. In other words, the sights you see are created in your brain.
The same thing applies for all the other senses to. When we touch something with our hands for example, we are not really touching that object at all. A chemical bond is formed between atoms in a constant state of motion, but these atoms never actually “touch” one another. In physical terms, therefore, we have never really touched anything, we only think we have. As a result of this illusory sense of touch, the atoms in our hands vibrate and initiate an electrical current that then moves towards the touch center in our brains where it is “interpreted” by its arrival.
If you want to comprehend a fractal with your senses, you have to limit its movement, as all energy in the universe is neutral, timeless and dimensionless. Our creativity and the ability of pattern recognition, is the link to the micro and the macrocosm, the timeless world of waves, and the solid world of things. You will never be able though, to see existence in its full totality as it is made out of layer upon layer. The human construct of time creates the illusion of solid things as everything is always in movement. The universe itself and everything in it, consist of energy that is vibrating at a specific frequency. Reality can be seen as a series of frames in a holographic movie theatre, moving quickly in order to create the illusion of continuity. When consciousness becomes perfectly still, the illusion is understood, because it is consciousness itself that drives the illusion forward. This is why people speak of achieving enlightenment when they’re practicing meditation and other spiritual techniques that will bring them into a state of higher consciousness, realizing the oneness of all things. All experience, past present and future exist now and always, everything is interconnected with the vibratory source, Nada Prama, the word of God is God, the artist and the art are inseparable
All things arise from the same field of matrix, creating subatomic particles, stars, planets, galaxies and all life. In the ancient traditions it has always bin known that everything possess spirit, there is one field, one consciousness that is moving through all. This Field is not separate from you, but it is happening through you; it is happening as you, we are the eyes which creation sees itself from an individual standpoint. When you wake from a dream, you realize that everything in that dream was you, the same consciousness looking out of every eye and out of every particle. The so called real life is no different, you are everything single thing that you observe from an individual standpoint as your egoic self. You are the creator of the world around you, you are the God of your Universe. As soon as you come to understand this wisdom, you will realise that there in nothing that can hold you down, there are no boundaries, because you are a living God!
- Nico
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Nature of Realiy
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