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 Into Depths Info On Astral Travel A-Z a Follow up to Priestess Charm Article

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PostSubject: Into Depths Info On Astral Travel A-Z a Follow up to Priestess Charm Article   Wed Jul 21, 2010 7:09 am


Astral Travel is often known as out-of-body experience. It is the conscious separation of the astral body from the physical body.

This results in an altered state of consciousness. There are a large amount of techniques in Astral Travel that can be used to achieve this including meditation, trance and imagination techniques.

What to Expect and Should Know

You need to be calm and very relaxed when you Astral travel.

You should not be over full in the stomach or feeling hungry.

Practise Astral Travel only when your mind can be focused.

Make sure the room temperature is comfortable.

Do not get too excited or fired up.

Stay balanced.

People who are having relationship problems usually have difficulty in projecting.

Build a support system around you on this. Talk to others about astral travel. Join a newsgroup.

Do not use astral travel for the wrong reasons.

Astral Attacks:
Some people have reported being attacked while astral travelling by other astral travellers. Some people even claim to have returned to their bodies to have found marks and bruises. There has been much debate on this subject and it is hard to arrive at any conclusion. Most people who do claim to be attacked often portray the victim role in real life also, so the attacks during astral travel may in some way be self induced.

Bilocation Astral Travel: This is Like Priestess Charm's Experience and this type of astral travel is only for the highly experienced and comes after years of training. It is basically where the astral body, etheric body and consciousness are actually in two or more different places all at the same time.

Animal Astral Travel is also common and many people who travel report seeing their pets travel with them. One person I know told me that when they travel hundreds of animals from their farm are astral travelling with them sometimes.

Frequent Asked Questions

-What do i feel when i astral Project?
Many Practitioners has mentioned that they feel high Vibrations on a high speed and power with the feeling of Paralysis in your physical body when you reach the process of Splitting your etheric Self (Astral form) from physical body

-Would this Change my religious beliefs?

Not at all. Even there was Studies made in Britain stating that whom practices Astral Travel much often Their understanding to their Religion increases as will as their Religious beliefs became stronger.

-What can i do after i Astral Travel
Actually you can do anything on your mind.
for example when you are out of the physical space into the Astral you can travel between planets and start in a speed that exceeds the speed of light. you can create your own world and entering it. you can also learn later on how to control your dreams and make your self live them. you can also meet other people on an Astral form and join good conversations and travel with them. you can fly from a country to another without the need of packing your luggage first.
Other Amazing benefits to the Astral projection as Priestess Charm said it is a world with no limits or Boundaries and these benefits are that every one is alike the deaf can hear, the blind can see and the one who is paralyzed could not only walk but also fly.

-What would be the first Experience like what would i feel?
First Experience could be a little scary for most people, for that and as many experienced the same, you would hear noises and voices your, heart would beat faster and this happens because a first attempt always gets a little bit scary when it comes to leaving your physical body and this fear would get to be what is so called "fear drop" as your fear would magnify these things for you which aren't completely real but a manifestation of your own mind. but by later on practice you will over come these fears and you mostly get over those feelings and fears after the first time and by the second.


There are a number of differences between deliberate and spontaneous astral travel.

People who experience spontaneous out of body report a body shape that is usually an exact double of their physical body.

People who experience deliberate out of body report a body shape that is altered at will.

People who experience deliberate out of body also report a type of joining to the body such as a silver cord.

There are also many similarities between the two.

Both experiences report an increased sense of energy and vitality.

A much higher sense of sight and hearing.

Strange sounds such as loud bangs.

An altered sense of vibration of the consciousness.

People who have experienced an out of body have a much stronger belief in life after death.

One of the most interesting points is that people people report that the experience retains its sense of realness indefinitely.

-Are we really just dreaming or are we really astral travelling?

The answer seems certain to be no, were not dreaming.

Characteristics of dreams are that they are unlike real life. Dreams are often vague, hard to remember in full and fade over time.

The character of astral travel is that it is real. It is easy to remember, and you recall everything that happened during the astral travel experience.

The experience is easily remembered in detail and the experience does not fade over time.

Also astral travel can happen while the person is awake. People who astral travel have no doubts about what has happened. The dream theory is mostly pushed by people who have not yet experienced astral travel.

During experiments on astral travel volunteers who were able to leave their body were wired up to an Electroencephalograph machine.

The EEG instruments are monitered by electrodes placed on the volunteers scalp. These electrodes record the electrical potential of the celebrial cortyex.

The following results were recorded :

Alpha waves decrease.

Betta waves increase, indicting the volunteer is awake.

Electrodermal activity falls.

Respiration rate increases.

REM is absent.

No Theta or Delta waves.


Getting back in after Astral Travel is really as simple as just Willing yourself back in.

Also you will find that any occurance such as a strange noise, wind or light will take you straight back in. Sometimes while doing astral travel you may hear a loud bang, much like a very loud clap and this will force you back in in an instant.

There is no evidence to suggest you will not be able to get back in, get taken over, not find your body or any other such thing.

Getting back in is simple and straight forward. The main thing is to relax during astral travel, everything will just move smoothly if you relax.
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Into Depths Info On Astral Travel A-Z a Follow up to Priestess Charm Article
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