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 Why do you want to be a Vampire?

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PostSubject: Why do you want to be a Vampire?   Sun Mar 18, 2018 4:29 pm

Sure, vampires are badass creatures of the night- immortal predators that we fear and envy. The reasons for wanting to be one seem endless, from personal power to a closer relationship if your patron god is vampiric.

My reasoning is a bit complex. I've reincarnated plenty of times- every time you start over you have more initial knowledge and power than the last time, but there's still the fact you have to regain a lot. I'm quite tired of reincarnating- I feel it's time to try and take my destiny into my own hands and transcend the samsara cycles. Coupled with a less than desirable home life, I feel like vampirism could help me pave the way to the freedom that humanity simply can not provide.

That out of the way... why do you want to be a vampire? Let's get some back stories up and running! <3
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Broken Lizard

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PostSubject: Re: Why do you want to be a Vampire?   Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:00 pm

Heh, that takes me back. Started with a girl, I think, or maybe she was just there at the time. My passion for her was pretty consuming, and this was around while I was reading Dracula - too young to appreciate it, but it excited me so much. In her rejection, I guess I kinda sought out perfection in other ways - first time I really considered 'magick' to be an option, and this obsession has been with me ever since.

It isn't just power and beauty though, it's the whole predatory dynamic - you must suffer so that I can improve. It's alchemical, although I'm only just realising it. Even when it comes to videogames, if I have even the slightest option for lifedrain, I'll take it no matter how objectively useless. Profiting from domination. Technically, my fetish functions on a very similar level, so my affection for 'vampirism' as such goes back to age two or three.

In some ways, it's always about love; I'll fall for the ones with the dark hair and the sharp eyes, the ones who look like they might hurt, because there's nothing more beautiful than finding another monster. Ehh, little sentimental, but heigh ho
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PostSubject: Re: Why do you want to be a Vampire?   Sun Mar 18, 2018 8:21 pm

The way I see it, people who look into these rituals with the intent to carry them out should keep the following in mind... It is, of course, wrong to say that every person must follow this certain trail of thought, although at the very least I would ask everyone delving into these rituals to consider this..

I've noticed there are some who look at these rituals with the intent of gaining immortality, kicking it up on the porch and drinking ice'd tea. Lazing about all day, gathering immense wealth and maybe building a mansion in The Bahamas.

Although personal wealth of any kind is great and should not be discouraged in any way, shape or form. We, unfortunately, are forced to live in a society where people take more than they give. There are those even who think that they should not give anything at all.''What has society done for me?'' - they say.

Saying all of this and now looking at the current state of our world, Very common are the two extremes:

People are either very selfish and only look out for themselves. Taking, taking taking, untill they cannot take any more and then taking some more. Putting themselves first, always looking as to how they can benefit. Sure, they may be nice to others and display kindness. Although, these acts of kindness may only be so to further their own goals. Because why should they give anything to others for free, without getting anything back? Preposterous!

Or people give so much and put others before them so fanatically, that they forget all about themselves and end up like a raisin and not the tasty kind either... All life drained out of them by others. There may also be present individuals who have seen their kindness and have taken advantage of it..

They were taught since childhood that taking is very selfish and one must always be open and give to others and, when they have more than others, give it to people who have less. This principle has been corrupted. It is because of this corruption that your average Jane or Joe go these routes. They either rebel (selfishness) or they fall victim to this nonsense. (giving)

Unbeknownst to them, there is a balance. Now, do ''Balanced'' people exist in our world? Of course they do, but they are in the minority.

The balance in taking and giving, however, cannot be achieved if you, yourself, are still unable. One cannot help a person who has been hurt, when both of their own both legs are broken. When you try to stand up with both legs broken - noble as your intentions may be - you will just end up hitting the ground. Hard.

This mindset is planted into the heads of people growing up in an environment which has been corrupted. If one was to look at history, and look far enough into the past, they would see that there was indeed a time when mankind lived in this balance.

In our current world it is repeated over and over to give, but in order to give effectively, one must first take (heal themselves) before they are able to help others. You can look at vampiric immortality as one form of this healing or ''taking''. However, this is not the only way to heal yourself. Bear this in mind.

The greatest people in history understood this principle of balance that has been so hideously corrupted today.

In their time they saw poverty, despair, helplessness. How the economical and cultural systems of the time were leaving people to the streets to rot, whilst the 'nobility' gorged on all kinds of luxuries. (A prime example of this are the Middle Ages)

The Great Person didn't ask themselves: ''Why should I do anything? They haven't done me any favors.'' No. Instead they looked at the horrible conditions of the world and they asked with the highest determination: ''What can I do and how can I better the world?!'' They understood that humanity is not supposed to be like this. They understood the balance that needs to exist between man and nature.

So they took, but did not 'take' from others to bring about their own benefit.... - The act of taking I am talking about does not mean that it is supposed to be from another person. A perfect way to explain this is: You cut down a tree (you take) and then you plant a sapling to replace it (you give). This can also be applied to something like knowledge: A person learns biology (taking) and then use their learned knowledge to help develop a cure for a sickness (giving) The act of taking is not in of itself selfish, but how and in what context something is taken -

...The Great person of the past, determined and strong, set out to achieve their goals not for riches or glory, but because they could and were or, with effort, put themselves in a position where they could bring about change. This position is what vampiric immortality offers.

Think about it... If every single person on the planet would think this way, immortal or not. Putting, in the foremost front, What they can do that will benefit everyone in the world and not just looking out only for themselves, where would we be?

It is here that we are faced with another dilemma of this corruption.

Because of the this. With The Great Person, parasites of the extreme crawled out of their lairs. These people who took advantage of the giving and took without giving back. They either did not or did not want to understand this principle and so, they became parasites.

Do not think for one second, that because The Great Person does all of this, that you now do not have to do anything and can sit idle whilst a better world is being built.  

Like I said before, vampiric immortality is not the only way to help as there are many ways a person can help. (Science, art, literature, music, etc) Even other sides of the coin of this web page, so to say. ANYTHING can be used to bring about positive change. There is always a way. Every person can do this and frankly, they have to.

As you look at The Great People in history, you start to see that they did not and would not have been able to do it alone, rather they did so with the massive support of the people and an unbreakable spirit.  Together, they brought about times of relief in a world so full of suffering. With the ultimate goal of restoring the times of old.  

A time when the wealthy and powerful did not subject but rather helped the people.

A time when all people understood the balance between taking and giving.

A time that, my humble opinion, every person seriously looking towards vampirism should put to the front of their minds. To re-create this in the modern world.

Why? Because you CAN. Because you have been, quite literally, given the opportunity to rise to greater heights than ever before. With it, seeing past the corruption and helping put and end to it. Whether you plan on doing the rituals provided here or not, this must be your goal in life.

In the end, immortality and the strength gained from it are the means to better help bring this about.
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PostSubject: .:. in short   Mon Mar 19, 2018 5:11 pm

To make it easier or at all possible for me to progress in magic.

Time to do magic.

in 2013, i saw my future self in a tram -it was no dream, it was this very plane.
And i felt stunned, i stared at what i would become. I could only stare, bite my lip and speak the only word, which was in my frozen mind: "vampire"

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PostSubject: Re: Why do you want to be a Vampire?   

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Why do you want to be a Vampire?
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