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  Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy

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PostSubject: Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy   Tue May 01, 2018 4:08 pm

Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy (Edit: 2. May, 2018. Renamed the topic in an attempt to quell confusion about the topic)

Before doing any of the meditations in the ''Working with Dark Energy'' series BE SURE that you want to go through with the Vampiric rituals also read through all of the currently released parts before starting the meditations.

Part 2: http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1269-working-with-dark-energy-part-2-chakras-and-aura-cleaning
Part 3: http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1284-working-with-dark-energy-part-3-making-dark-energy-temporarily-inactive
Part 4: http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1289-working-with-dark-energy-part-4-visual-representation-of-dark-energy#6489

IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY INTENTION OF GOING THROUGH WITH THE VAMPIRE RITUALS(S) THEN STAY AWAY FROM DARK ENERGY ALL TOGETHER. If you are not certain what you want to do then doing this might just end up with you getting hurt.

First off, I'd like to state that all of this information is gathered by my own experiences and knowledge. What I mean to say with this is that since there is no ''official'' guide (At least not any that I have seen) for working with dark energy, your experience may differ. The only pool of data I have access to that shows effects and consequences of working with Dark is myself, so keep that in mind.

Secondly, working with Dark energy is advanced and you should know what you are doing. Meaning you know how to direct energy, control energy, work with energy, breathing in energy. You should also be adept at working with your aura. Visualization should be average as well. There is a somewhat uncomfortable transition phase if you come to Dark energy after working with Light for an extended period of time.

Basically, if you jump head first into this and get hurt, that's on you. I do not hold any responsibility should you get hurt due to lack of knowledge.

I first started working on this when I started working spiritually and again stumbled onto this website a few years back. Reading The Nosferatu Pact at the time, what really stood out for me was the ''Dark Meditation'' part. What is it? How do I do it? I asked. Although yes there was a guide of sorts for the Dark Meditation, it was not enough for me.

Then things kind of happened.

The first noteworthy aspect of Dark energy (DE) that is noticeable at the very start is the different volume of Dark in contrast to Light energy (LE).

What I've found is that Light energy FLOATS in you whilst Dark energy FLOWS in you. You can breathe in energy, for example from the sun and it goes in you through your skin or into your aura. Try to do that with Dark energy and to no avail. Is it possible? Perhaps, but I found another solution. This started off as really basic but I improved it over time and are still doing so.

Sit or lay down. Put yourself in a comfortable position. You do not even need a trance for this. Visualize a thick cloud of DE and breathe it in through your nose, mouth or both. Breathe it into your lungs with one deep inhale. Don't feel silly to get a little dramatic with the inhale, so to say. But you should be calm all the way.

You should feel and see the dark energy in your lungs. Then exhale calmly and slowly but do not exhale the DE out, instead visualize in flowing everywhere to your body. Through your veins into your arms, legs, head, everywhere. It should be very pleasant. If you've ever gotten an injection or a blood transfusion. You know that flowing feeling of the liquid into your arm? It feels like that but very pleasant.

It starts out as smoke that you breathe into you lungs, when you exhale that smoke turns into a sort of... liquid? I don't know exactly, but it FLOWS. Repeat this as many times as you want. If at some point you feel that DE doesn't seem to want to go into you anymore, then you know you've found your limit for the time. Just relax.

You want to do this for a few days/weeks/months for as long as you need to until you are as comfortable with DE as you are with your own hand. You know you are 'done' so to say, when you can see the DE inside yourself as clear as day, pun intended. It's like this black liquid inside you. Eventually everything inside you is black liquid. Your blood, the inside of your entire body just black liquid.

Also a little about LE and DE. About a year ago I was contacted and given information about both of them.

This is not word for word but what's said is the same: ''Dark takes a certain amount of... focus which every person cannot handle. This is why we give you time to decide whether you want to go Light or Dark. Sooner or later, you're going to have to make a choice. Make no mistake. You cannot keep ''hopping fences'' so to say. Yes, Light and Dark are different sides of the same coin but... Think of it like two partners.
You go to Light energy, which is basically saying to a partner that you love only them and no one else. That they are the only one for you. Now you go to Dark energy and say the exact same thing.''

Now for the side-effects if you've been working with LE and go Dark. Think of it like jumping from the Sauna to snow or vise-versa. There is a bit of a reaction. This for me lasted about 2.5 weeks until I was back 'to myself'. I say it like this because there is a certain personality change. Twitches, mood changes. My sleep schedule got flipped. So I was waking up at 1AM or so. Sensitivity to light. Appetite changed to the point where I once went 3 days without eating and didn't bat an eye. Now it is constant. Only eating once a day, sometimes 36h in between meals. This was all in the transition period when I went from LE to DE. After the few weeks I got balanced again at got full control. Have fun. Don't go insane...

Now this goes way more deeper which I will now write. This was about 10 months later.

Now when you breathe in DE there can be manifestation of fear. Again, I was contacted and what was told: ''When you breathe in Dark, fear manifests. Think of it like your body's 'fail-safe'. Don't even focus on the fear as it disappears the more you do dark meditation.''

Once you are comfortable with the DE, start expanding it outwards of your body. Expanding like a force field of DE. You can keep making it as big as you want, although do not fatigue yourself. Visualize that you are standing/sitting/laying in the middle of this black void with DE all around. Take it easy. You have nothing to prove to anyone nor yourself. Take your time with this. All of this information is the accomplishment of 3 years of on-and-off working with Dark.

Another thing that helped was when I breathed in DE and fear came I visualized the Dark flowing in me and said to myself ''This Dark Energy is a part of me.''.

Now, once you've expanded it outside of your body, this can even happen on it's own. To get more comfortable. Take the dark from around you and shape it. Say... into a ball. Throw the ball around, shoot hoops, etc. Feeling Dark flows in you also helps. It is a very good feeling.

Remember how it was said that Dark takes a certain amount of focus? Well, my friend, get ready to keep yourself in check.

As I kept working with Dark I felt that my personality wanted to change and not towards the better. Didn't give a damn about anything. Anger manifested like snow in winter. Although I speculate that the darker side that manifests depends on the person. Think of it like your most morbid self making a grand entrance.

This is where you will put yourself to the test. You must let the Dark inside of yourself while at the same time keeping your darker self in check.

A few affirmation that helped are:

- Dark energy is positive
- Dark energy is a part of me.

*EDIT, 4. May: Another thing that I initially forgot to mention, which is a really important thing, is that eventually you're going to have to confront the Dark. You need to control the Dark and morbid part of yourself, yes, but to achieve true balance and strength you must go through. You must control yourself while you are embracing the Dark You

Meaning that instead of keeping the anger, hate, morbid personality under lock and key in the subconscious of your mind as most - if not all - people on the planet do and as I'm sure each and every one of you has done so up until this point in your life, you instead embrace that part of you consciously. It can be quite a task to do so and is one of the most dangerous parts of Dark Meditation.

For instance, you don't want to lose control and kick some poor bastards teeth in for simply glancing at you in the street or rip the limbs off of the neighbourhood dog. Yes, this is how intense the morbid thoughts and impulses may become. Maybe even more so for you. Even though the impulse may be strong, this is no game and all of this should be approached with the utmost readiness and a strong will. Control is priority and should remain so when working with Dark. The worst possible way anyone could ever act in any given situation is to act impulsively.*

I feel I must say again. It took me YEARS to get to this point. Do not think you will arrive where here overnight or in a month. This is serious and at times it was a great effort to keep the Dark in control. DO NOT RUSH THIS. Take it tiny steps at the time.

In closing, this is some information I have gathered about Dark. If there is something anyone who is knowledgeable about this and can add, it would be much appreciated.

*EDIT: 8th of July, 2018* - When breathing in and feeling Dark and once you've gotten used to it strong arousal may also occur along with intense bliss.*

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PostSubject: Re: Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy   Wed May 02, 2018 2:32 am

Thanks for sharing your experience , very interesting.

What about auras of protection/aura and chakra cleaning.How do you go about these after switching to dark energy?Do you just replace the traditional white/gold energy with dark energy or what?Also when empowering/spinning a chakra do you visualise black or the chakra color?

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PostSubject: Re: Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy   Wed May 02, 2018 4:28 am

lukasondris wrote:
Thanks for sharing your experience , very interesting.

What about auras of protection/aura and chakra cleaning.How do you go about these after switching to dark energy?Do you just replace the traditional white/gold energy with dark energy or what?Also when empowering/spinning a chakra do you visualise black or the chakra color?

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I actually have information on this as well. I will be adding on this specific matter later today when I have free time. In the meantime I would ask anyone not to jump the gun on working with Dark energy as I found that there are still some thing left unsaid which will be in part 2 and further expansions on the topic.
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PostSubject: Re: Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy   

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Working with Dark Energy – Part 1: Breathing in and the Effects of Dark energy
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