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 Jailangkung(Haunted Puppet) - Indonesia Ouija.

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PostSubject: Jailangkung(Haunted Puppet) - Indonesia Ouija.   Sun May 06, 2018 7:26 am

Jailangkung or Jelangkung is a type of spiritual game which hold the same concept as the Ouija board : to summon and communicate with spirits through a medium. It has been played by the Indonesians for more than 1,500 years old already.

In case of Jailangkung, a puppet will be used as the medium. The puppet will be crafted to look like a scarecrow, with head made from coconut shells and torso from sticks. Sometimes they put wig and draw faces on the coconut shell, and wear it with clothes to make it looks realistic and appealing for the summoned spirit to possess it. For the final touch, they will attach a marker pen on the puppet for later purpose.

After the medium has been prepared, people will start the Jailangkung game. Here is how it done :

The number of people participate in the game must be in odd numbers (3 or 5 person). One of them will take the task of summoning and questioning the spirit while the rest will hold the wooden puppet so that it will face a writing board.

The summoner will call the spirit by using a certain spell. There are several version of the spell or mantra used for Jailangkung. Here is one of the spell:

"Jalangkung Jalangset Di Sini Ada Pesta Pesta Kecil-Kecilan. Jalangkung Jalangset Dateng Ga Di Jemput Pulang Tak Di Antar. "

Translation : “Jelangkung jelangsat, we have a party here, a small party. Jelangkung jelangsat, come uninvited, go undelivered.”

So the summoner will repeat the spell until a spirit comes and possess the wooden puppet. The sign is when the puppet become heavy and starts shaking.

Now that the spirit has occupied the puppet, the summoner will talk to spirit, asking one question at a time. The spirit-possessed puppet will reply by writing words on the writing board. A banishing ritual will be performed after the summoner got all the answers he wanted or when he no longer wish to continue the game.

Note : A group of people playing Jailangkung. The location where the ritual performed normally an old, abandoned building where lots of spirits are known to dwell in such places. Sometimes, a small offering, which made of sweet dumplings or yellow glutinous rice will be presented to please the spirit.

Although Jailangkung commonly played in Indonesia, the credits still goes to Tiongkok (Chinese) for its origin. Tionghua people call it "Cay Lan Gong" and normally will be played by a group of children during the Moon Festival. However, as the time passed, the ritual has been forgotten by Tionghua people. The reason why it exist in Indonesia until today is due to good relationship between Tiongkok and Indonesia country which allowed Indonesian people to learn and adapted to Tionghua cultures.

Note : Just to show you why playing this game can be really dangerous and not recommended for anyone to try, unless you have experiences in communicating and dealing with spirits.

Source :
1. https://id.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jailangkung
2. http://mystical-legends.blogspot.my/2014/05/history-of-jelangkung.html?m=1
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Jailangkung(Haunted Puppet) - Indonesia Ouija.
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