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 Working with Dark Energy Part 4: Visual representation of Dark Energy

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PostSubject: Working with Dark Energy Part 4: Visual representation of Dark Energy   Wed Aug 08, 2018 2:35 pm

As of October, 2018 - New information has been gathered which drastically change what was written in earlier parts. Please read Part 5 ( http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1298-working-with-dark-energy-part-5-important-new-info-oct-9th-u-d#6549 ) before getting into any of the other parts.

Before doing any of the meditations in the ''Working with Dark Energy'' series BE SURE that you want to go through with the Vampiric rituals also read through all of the currently released parts before starting the meditations.

Part 1: http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1267-working-with-dark-energy-part-1-breathing-in-and-the-effects-of-dark-energy
Part 2: http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1269-working-with-dark-energy-part-2-chakras-and-aura-cleaning
Part 3 :http://wamphryshadows.forumotion.com/t1284-working-with-dark-energy-part-3-making-dark-energy-temporarily-inactive#6464

When working with Dark energy for a time, you may start to notice something when looking in the mirror, namely a change in your appearance. This is not a physical change but a spiritual one.

One that happened to not just me but another who's worked with Dark is the eyes glow red and exude red mist/smoke. This was the first change that occurred.

The next changes were: Long black claws; huge black wings extending out from the shoulder chakras; pointy teeth; the body was also covered in a sort of Dark energy ?skin? or ?armor? I don't really know how to explain and the final change that has occurred so far is the appearance of horns.

So you could say that this is the appearance of a ''monster''.

This change is the visual representation of Dark energy. It is not to be taken literally and is allegorical. It shows what Dark energy is at it's core. It also serves as a test for people as it scares off those who are not yet ready for dark. If a person feels fear when looking upon themselves in the ''Dark Form'' let's call it, then that person needs to seep their souls deeper into the Dark to proceed.

Of course remember that all of this is individual and you may experience different happenings in this.
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Working with Dark Energy Part 4: Visual representation of Dark Energy
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