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PostSubject: Dimension Jumping   Dimension Jumping Icon_minitimeMon Nov 12, 2018 6:17 am

The Dimension Jumping subreddit is your go-to for stories and tips so I'll link at the end, but I'll give you the short and sharp of it here. Depending on your belief systems and who you ask, a dimensional shift is nothing more than a handy metaphor for the Law of Attraction doing its thing (I.E. we draw positive and negative experiences into our personal universe based on what we are thinking and focusing on). I've heard some pretty insane claims coming out of the practise, and I've also had some pretty interesting results myself - ultimately I don't think anyone could really tell you what is and isn't possible because it works on the understanding that if you can shift, the 'you' that I'm talking to has moved on, making any kind of testing in this 'dimension' unhelpful.

Both of the methods I'm going to detail here require a few core things in order to make the change, and you might recognise some of these from working with sigils (magick is magick, after all).

Goes without saying, but you need to know what it is you want to change in your life. Your motivation might be money, or romance, but lock down that thing you crave and verbalise it. Keep it short, sweet and unambiguous. Say I want a good grade on my essay, for instance; I might present that as "I want to write proficiently and impress my grader". I read somewhere that it's easier to make a thing occur than it is to change what happened so always look to your future - regrets are kinda pathetic anyway.

If you want to make a sigil out of this desire go for it, as putting it into a more abstract form will most definitely help with the aftermath.

Take a few deep breaths, watch the darkness behind your eyelids and imagine your thoughts disappearing. Meditation, essentially - you want to get into a state that feels more focused and purposeful without distractions. When it comes to magick your mind is the tool, and if you start using your tool to scratch an itch above your eye while also attempting to carve out your sculpture, you and I both know it's either going to go horribly wrong or take twice as long. Regular meditative exercises will do you the world of good here - not to say you can't carry out your practise without meditation, but it really is just handicapping you for no good reason.

One day, I'll learn to take my own advice. This step is really hard if you're lazy, so don't worry - I feel you.

The Mirror Method
This is my reason for putting it under the portal section - Through the Looking Glass is your reference point here, because you're going to be climbing through a mirror Alice-style to reach your destination. You'll want a mirror; any size will do, but preferably one that you could theoretically climb through. Sit in front of this mirror, either in darkness or by candle light, and study your reflection. See it not as a reflection, but as a window or a portal into another dimension where that you lives, and where your desired life awaits. The you in the mirror has a pay rise coming and a handsome lover on the way, so we're going to steal it from them. Metaphorically, of course - if that idea makes you uncomfortable, just remember that they sat in front of their mirror in exactly the same way, so you are really just swapping favours to live in your preferred lives.

Focus on your intention, what your reason was for preparing all this, and do so until the emotions that drive you feel overwhelming. As this climaxes, picture yourself moving through the mirror and into your reflected, better world. This may be accompanied by a shiver, a feeling of wind on your cheek, or a subtle noise. Physically you aren't moving, note, but your mind is now inhabiting a different version of yourself.

The Two Cups Method
Grab yourself two cups and fill one with water, along with two bits of paper and a writing implement. As with the mirror method, you're going to get into that state of quiet reflection that focuses intently on your reason for the exercise. On the first piece of paper, write what you think best presents reality at the moment, and on the second write what you would like instead. Here feel free to sigilise those phrases, firstly because it helps make it all feel a bit more abstract and occulty, and secondly because it means you can write in a lot more detail and still fit it on a small piece of paper. As an example, imagine I want to appear more attractive, not necessarily to find a partner, but just to be better perceived on the whole; on the first piece of paper I'll write "Stupid fat Hobbit", while on the second I'm going to write "Sexy Man-Witch".

Once I've contemplated this shift for long enough, I'm going to pour the contents of the first glass into the second while really focusing on what it is I'm doing. How does the water look and feel in the other glass, and what are my thoughts about it? Drink the water, reflect for a few seconds more, and pack up your stuff, because there's nothing else you can do but wait.

Oh that's a thing: if you are interested in being more beautiful, bare in mind that feeling attractive is the first step to being attractive. Yeah it sounds like Law of Attraction in a nutshell, but from a psychological perspective your mind and your perceptions are the thing that's making or breaking your personal charisma, so stop hating yourself.

Fire and Forget
Once you've carried out your ritual, push it from your mind. This is hard, so don't worry if it flits through your thoughts every now and then, but focusing on what you've done and worrying whether or not you did it right will sow the seeds of doubt that'll tear all your work apart. Your belief in what you do is the most powerful thing you have, so never question yourself.

I've personally found that sigils and dimension jumping in particular tend to take effect most prominently once you've forgotten that you even did magic to make the change. Don't make a sigil to help your last sigil work, don't try and dimension jump to a dimension where you can dimension jump - just don't, it won't help you.

As always, please present your own findings, ideas or criticisms, because otherwise no one's really going to learn anything Wink

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