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PostSubject: Rune Magick   Rune Magick Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2019 1:52 pm

My latest obsession has involved what's known as The Elder Futhark, one of the alphabets used by Germanic tribes an awfully long time ago. Although frequently used as a method of divination, much like tarot cards these runes can be focused on in order to bring about magickal effects; the story goes that Odin hung himself from a branch of the world tree for nine days and nights before eventually being gifted insight into what these symbols meant and how they could be used. I don't understand them nearly well enough, so I won't provide definitions just yet, but I do have a few tricks that you can use in order to make the most of what are essentially ready-made sigils.

Pure and simple, take a rune you like, perhaps one that makes sense to you and your situation, and meditate on it. Maybe you're trying to write an essay or a song, so you picture Mannaz in your head, close your eyes and relax. Think on what this shape means to you - collate every definition you've read and consider the essence of the concept that this letter represents. Try and see it in the void behind your eyelids as you let it wash over you. Maybe you'll be gifted with a new way to use the rune, a meaning you had never considered. Meditation will help you know the runes for what they are and what they mean to you, and knowing that much will help you greatly in other practises such as...

Bind Runes
Making a bind rune is like making a sigil out of lego. The pieces are already there, all you have to do is put them together. According to one article, which I'll link at the end, there exist three breeds of bind runes which each possess their own purpose - none of my books hold this distinction so take it with a pinch of salt.

The linear type travel along a vertical line, with runic elements that deviate from this line shooting off as it travels. Presumably these are the ones you would etch into a sword or wand as the site suggests linear binds are for a singular, directed purpose such as bringing honour or victory.

Radial binds are circular, with each contributing rune meeting at a central point and jutting out. Supposedly these ones are used primarily for defence, so I reckon they wouldn't be out of place painted on a shield or as body art. They are supposed to be more temporary in nature, so I reckon although it wouldn't hurt to have one as a talisman, a radial bind is better for something a little more specific (like protection from those drug dealers you owe money to).

'Multi-axial' binds are more akin to the chaoate sigils we all know and love - random, directed towards a purpose, capable of bringing about change, where the other two are clearly for attacking or defending. As the name suggests, these ones can revolve around a number of different axes within the shape, allowing for a lot more creative freedom and expression. The site notes that horizontal lines are typically not featured, but unless you're rotating your Futhark there isn't much chance of that anyway.

In terms of actually utilising your creation, I guess you could give it the 'staring intently in a dark room while masturbating and questioning life choices' treatment, or actually make a talisman to carry around with you. Would require a little research as to the materials to use that would best suit your purpose, but carving your rune into a piece of wood or metal is guaranteed to feel a lot more authentic, and might even enhance your results. I've read somewhere that red is very closely associated with runemaking, so if you're planning on using paint that might be the colour to start with.

The Witcher Method
Yeah I named it myself, I'm a filthy chaos magician. I've not heard of this practise from anywhere else - it has most certainly been used by someone somewhere down the line, but until I'm pointed in their direction this is what I'll call it. Once you feel you understand the runes well enough, I see no reason why you can't invoke them to aid you in subtle ways throughout your day.

My personal favourite is Isa, the I rune representing the world ice, stagnation and defence through freezing cold. Say, for example, someone presses the button to stop traffic way ahead of me, and I have no real way of getting there in time without running. What I do is picture the rune in my mind just as though I was meditating on it. It swirls with cold air, and I channel it, projecting this freezing force at the green man and preventing him from appearing at least until I know I can get across the road safely.

The opposite here is Fehu, the rune representing the cosmic fire. To me, Fehu means movement, travel, constant motion, so when I'm driving and I see the cars start piling up ahead of me, I do a similar thing. Imagining the rune in my mind, swirling with heat and energy, I relax and sometimes etch the shape into empty space with the thumb of the hand holding the wheel. Sure enough, although I may still slow, I never have to stop.

It's probably the coolest way I've discovered I can utilise the runes, as invoking these shapes and changing the world around me really does make me feel like a videogame character. As I've said previously, the runes are kind of like ready made sigils just waiting for you to take advantage. If demand is high enough I'm happy to note rune meanings in a separate thread, but I figure all you really require is the will to do your own research and take charge of your own destiny. As always, please share any experience, insight or hatemail.

Bind Rune Article
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PostSubject: Re: Rune Magick   Rune Magick Icon_minitimeSat Jan 19, 2019 5:30 pm

A wonderful companion to compliment this article is here. Describes all sorts of runic magic, their meanings and such. Been a valuable companion for my own works into runic magic.

Runes Site
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Rune Magick
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