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PostSubject: Exam Success   Exam Success Icon_minitimeTue Jun 18, 2019 7:18 pm

I am the self-proclaimed "worst student", but throughout my academic career (and much to the dismay of my friends) I have always managed to come out undeservingly successful. Having just walked away from University with a decent degree and an attendance of exactly 0%, I figured now would be the time to pass on some knowledge. That said, if you care at all about your future DO NOT place all of your efforts into magick, luck, or any of the things that I have used. You do still need to take the reigns and control your own destiny; my particular brand of apathy isn't pleasant nor advised, so although this stuff can help you, DO NOT rely on it to save you.

Disclaimer out the way, you're going to use a few different techniques from varying schools of magick that I have mostly already written articles about on the site. Tarot cards are incredibly important to my method throughout the exam period, so I would advise you find a deck you really like and build up a sort of relationship with it in advance. This year I also utilised my new understanding of runes; more specifically, I created a number of bind runes which I would meditate on, drawing on my forearm and later on my chest for help with both revision and actual proficiency during exams. I'll follow up with some bits and bobs that have also proved pivotal in my success, but which are also very situational. As with any form of magick, you tailor it to you and what you need.


For a more in-depth look at how to do Tarot magick, consult my article. The most important technique here is going to be the Ray. Depending on your purposes and preferences, you'll need your significatior (in my case the Knight of Cups) and a card whose energies you want to invoke. For me, it was usually either the Fool or Wheel of Fortune depending on how I felt on the day. The Fool signifies that whatever happens is just another step on your journey, and is a fundamentally good outcome. If I need to calm that sense of dread and accept that the exam result isn't that important in the grand scheme of things, I place my Knight and my Fool on the altar and imagine my astral workspace. I am the Knight, and before me stands the Fool; as my finger traces a line between the two cards, a beam of energy bounces back and forth transferring what I want from the card. It's like invocation in a way, as you are becoming or at least absorbing parts of this archetype for a limited time to help you through the day. If you feel more directed and your exam requires a lot of writing, for example, I would switch the Fool with the King of Swords - he always knows what to say, and always knows where he's going.

Another thing I like to do is take a card in there with me. Not my actual cards, unless I can guarantee they won't be harmed,  but usually a Joker from one of my other standard decks. The Joker also represents the Fool, so again unless you're willing to throw the reigns over to Lady Luck like me, take the card that speaks most to your needs. My friend said he'd take an Ace because he wanted to "ace the test"; he wasn't giving magickal advice, but an Ace of Spades is another very good pick. Usually just before setting off for my exam, I select the entry in The Elven Book of Powers by the Silver Elves and whisper the evocation, invocation and enchantment to my selected card a few times to imbue it with the powers I needed it for. Therefore, I would take my Joker and chant:

Open the way
Give me the Key
To every Chance
And possibility

Whether you like their poetry or not is irrelevant - doing this gets you into the magickal frame of mind that can make the impossible possible. It's worked for me, anyway.

Runes and Sigils

I'd consider sigils to be a more pedestrian way of getting your results, but that's just me. They're effective don't get me wrong, but I'm sure you know that, and I'm sure you're using them anyway to enhance your performance. Runes take a little more thought, as the meanings behind the letters are already there; what you need to do when using them is identify what is important in the bind composition, and remove what is not. When making my binds, I stuck to using three, sometimes drawn at random, and sometimes picked specifically. TIWAZ, NAUDIZ and ANSUZ in a vertical line, in that order made up my revision rune; I don't revise as a general rule, so these runes were etched into my arm to help me get through the work, stay resilient against my desire to do other things, and for the inspiration to carry on. I would draw this along my forearm, draw some blood and use it to anoint the mark. The blood is another personal touch, although bind runes were usually done in either blood or red ink. If the whole 'self-harm' thing doesn't sit well with you, it isn't a requirement (by the by, if you are having mental health problems and need someone to talk to, my door is open). I can't remember my setup for actual exam bind, but it was topped by ALGIZ for some divine inspiration. If this is all too ritualistic for you, utilise my Witcher method; trace the rune you need in your head, ALGIZ for instance, and absorb its power separately. The act of focusing on the symbol will allow it to take hold, so don't be scared of just playing around with them in your mind. Obviously, focus on what you're doing too though, you have an exam to ace.


First grimoire I bought was an encyclopedia of what most occultists might refer to as garden witchery. Sure, it's unlucky to be superstitious, but these ideas get passed down because they've proven to be effective, and if you have enough faith in them there is no reason why they can't work. As it is, I'm fairly sure rosemary has a scientific impact on mental ability while also being a decent tasting herb. While revising, you're going to grab a sprig of fresh rosemary and boil it in some water. Drink your rosemary tea (it gets better after the first three cups, I promise), and carry on with your work. What it supposedly does is increases your memory, so it's the best thing to be taking when you're trying to remember statistics, names or concepts for your given subject. On a more psychological note, smell is very important for human memory; if you don't have much contact with the herb on a regular basis, recalling the very distinctive aroma of rosemary is going to drag your memories right back to the tea you were drinking while revising. Especially in my earlier years, I would use this technique to literally see textbook pages in my mind and copy from them during the exam. It's incredibly effective in a pinch, but I wouldn't seriously rely on it if I didn't have to. Rosemary itself though? 10/10, if you're not using it, start.

Mental Highlighting

I used this exclusively during my multiple choice exams, but it works, and I can give you a little story to go with it. I hate statistics, and I had absolutely zero chance of passing this exam without a miracle; pass mark is 40%, with four answers each that gives you an estimated 25% chance of passing if you guess every single question. This exam had us using a program that could analyse data and feed you the information needed for the exam - simple enough, you just follow the instructions given and select the answer that comes up. Except, it didn't matter what I did, at no point did any of the answers on my question paper appear on the program. I sat back and, as I do on occasion, asked that Fate be kind. I hunched back over my exam paper, completely ignoring the unhelpful software I was supposed to use, and allowed my vision to cloud over as I looked over the answers. Nothing particularly special, just allow your eyes to lose focus and turn everything you see into a blur. This was around the same time as my research into Tulpae, so I had already been working on my astral senses quite heavily. I found that, if I focused, I could make one of the answers glow gold. It's still guessing, don't get me wrong, but if you truly have no idea what you are supposed to be choosing, wouldn't you rather pick the one that stands out to you? Every single question in this paper, I did the same thing - let my eyes glaze over, wait for one to stand out as if being chosen by Lady Luck herself, and immediately writing it down before doubt hits. I walked out of that exam with 60% against all odds. That's a good pass, considering it was all magick and no knowledge.

I have doubts about the spiritual world all the time - this whole guidebook fiasco taking most of the responsibility for that doubt - but the techniques I've used to come out on top of exams I haven't prepared for at all is a fantastic testament to what you can do with just your mind. But I'll say it again: these strategies are to supplement your performance, not take responsibility for it. If you care enough about your life to be reading this article, go and do some honest revision, because your grades will thank you for it (just make sure you have some rosemary tea on the boil while you do it).
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Exam Success
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