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 heal a depression

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PostSubject: heal a depression   Mon Sep 24, 2012 11:13 am

Depression is not an easy illness to handle and you should not regard spells such as this as a substitute for medical care. However a mojo or talisman bag can be of tremendous support in the process of getting better and has the effect of continually ‘topping up’ the energy needed to overcome difficulty.

you need:

Your burin or a pin
Piece of angelica root for a woman
Pine cone for a man
Clary sage oil to dress the objects and to use as
incense Sprig of rosemary
Small dog tag, lucky coin or token
White candle
Red flannel pouch or talisman bag

If the person you are helping is a woman, -then inscribe her initial on the angelica root -and dress it with some of the clary sage oil.
If a man then do the same with the pine cone.
When using a lucky token, charm or sprig of -rosemary take care to dedicate it specifically-to the person concerned.
Say something like:
May this token of good luck bring healing to

[name of person].

With the dog tag inscribe it either with the -persons initials, their astrological -sign or the rune symbol Kenaz -for inner strength:
Repeat the words above as you -do this.
Place the objects in the pouch.
Light your candle and the incense.
Dress the bag by dropping a little oil on it.
Pass the bag and its contents over the candle-three times whilst visualizing the person well-and happy and also asking your favourite-deity to help you in your task.
Give the bag to the person concerned asking -them to keep it with them at all times for at-least a week.
Your subject should sense an improvement in mood-within the week. You can reinforce the bag-s-efficiency every now and then by burning a candle-for a short while and directing the energy at the bag.If you are not able to give the bag to the person-concerned then hang it somewhere prominent so you-are reminded of them occasionally and can send-loving energy their way.

source: spellsofmagic.com (top rated spells)
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heal a depression
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