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 Planetary Talismans

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PostSubject: Planetary Talismans   Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:40 pm

Planetary Talismans
Some of the most commonly used talismans are the planetary talismans. As the name indicates, these talismans represent the energies of the planets. Usually a planetary talisman is composed of several elements, each of which represents an energetic characteristic of the planet.
In this and the next lesson, you will familiarize yourself with the most commonly used symbols found on planetary talismans and correlations of planets with numbers, metals, and colors. In order to make good planetary talismans, you need to know important things about the planets themselves. Most important the field of action of the planet. This is necessary, because the purpose of the planetary talismans is to help you achieve things that correspond to the field of action of a specific planet, such as art, love and beauty with Venus, war, sports, activity, mathematics with Mars, wealth with Jupiter, authority with the Sun, and intellectual pursuits with Mercury.
The "traditional" planetary talismans, therefore, have each a specific field of action, which you find described in the next chapter. This field may be narrowed down to more specific action by adding symbols of other energies to the talismans. This refined design is the work of a skilled talismanologist.
The Effects of the Planetary Talismans
Protects against evil influences, whether from other humans or from transcendental sources. Above all it protects against the negative powers that are ruled by the planet Saturn. The talisman of Saturn helps in concentration. It gives endurance, security, power, and steadfastness. This talisman is a helper in esoteric studies, and it increases your magical power. It gives permanence to your enterprises and it is very helpful to older persons, especially in their dealings with authorities.
The talisman of Jupiter is cherished because it helps to riches, honor, and glory. It also helps you becoming influential: Your opinions gain weight and they are appreciated. Jupiter helps secure peace. The talisman of Jupiter also provides a good feeling for religious things, law and order, and it makes conscientious. It is an excellent help in situations that involve government agencies and courts of law. It can provide help from superiors.
The talisman of Mars strengthens courage and readiness to action. It brings victory in combat, fight, and arguments. Mars gives power over your adversaries, and it provides success in litigation.
The talisman of the Sun gives honor, good reputation, influence, power, and popularity. It helps generally in making your wishes come true. This talisman provides good circumstances and a long life.
The talisman of Venus makes attractive, especially to the other sex, and it causes love. This talisman is one of the ideal talismans for love, which is only surpassed by an individually designed love talisman. Venus is very favorable to actors, dancers, artists, jewelers, and to persons who are involved in arts and crafts.
The talisman of Mercury activates the mind. It is good for speech, writing, authoring, studies, and travels. It is especially favorable to merchants, travelers, journalists, and authors. This talisman can also be of help in magical evocation of spirits. Therefore, many lodges require from their beginning members that they make this talisman as one of the first ones.
This talisman protects against dangers from water element. It also protects against attacks during the night. The Moon helps you develop capabilities of clairvoyance mediality. It favors all persons subject to continuous change.
The Planetary Metals
The seven "traditional" planets correspond to their specific metal. Those metals contain the specific vibration of the planet. Therefore, it is useful to make a talisman with the specific metal of the planet. You may also make the talisman of a non metallic material. In this case, it is helpful to attach a chip of the planetary metal to the talisman. Planetary talismans made on metal are generally round.
Lead. Lead is easy to work with, but toxic. Therefore, it should not have contact with the bare skin. You may use parchment and draw a circle around the talismanic symbols, using a lead pin. Another way is to carry the talisman of Saturn in a little leather bag. Lead is very easy to work with, since it is very soft and it melts at a low temperature. It may be engraved with any engraving tool.
JUPITER: Tin. Tin is easy to work with, and it can be in touch with your skin. Therefore, you may work a Jupiter talisman as a pendant. Tin may be engraved with an engraving tool, or it may be etched with hydrochloric acid.
MARS: Iron. Not to be confused with steel, which is an alloy of iron (Mars) with coal (Saturn). Iron may be etched with hydrochloric acid, or engraved with an engraving tool.
SUN: Gold. Naturally, a good sized golden talisman will require a good sized amount of money. As a substitute, Bronze may be used. You may also take a paper talisman, put some gold wire with it and laminate it.
VENUS: Copper. It easy to work with and easy to etch.
MERCURY: Its metal, mercury, is liquid, and very poisonous. Some metaphysicists suggest copper that is gold plated, using the metal mercury. This process has some drawbacks, above all that hardly any business uses this method of gold plating. In our days, German silver is used for Mercury, and brass.
MOON: Silver. Silver is easy to work with, and its price is affordable.
Tradition ascribes colors to the planets. In the following, I will mention various colors with each planet. However, the first color mentioned is the color of the sign of the sign which is the daily throne of the planet. One exception: The Moon: its throne is cancer, which is a "night sign". The whole question leads to the zodiacal colors of light energy and the zodiacal color shades of life energy, which would go beyond the scope of this lesson to be discussed here. Colors may be used if you decide to make the talisman on paper, parchment paper, or real parchment. SATURN: VIOLET (Aquarius), black, dark gray, dark green, dark brown. JUPITER: BLUE (Sagittarius), dark violet, dark blue, purple, burgundy. MARS: RED (Aries), red brown, orange, lilac. SUN: YELLOW (Leo), gold, brown yellow, light yellow, orange. VENUS: GREEN (Libra), pink, indigo, light green, blue. MERCURY: ORANGE (Gemini), yellow, gray. MOON: WHITE or SILVER: The Moon may be understood as the cosmic medium which reflects the rays of all other planets upon the Earth. Silver gray, light green, pearl color.
Planetary Numbers and Planetary Squares
Each planet is attributed a number which reflects its vibration. In addition, each planetary number is the basis of a planetary square in which the numbers are arranged in a very peculiar way: In a planetary square or magical square, the sum of each row, column, and diagonal is always the same. Each planet has four specific numbers: the first number is the number of the planet. The second is its square, which is the number of the planet multiplied by itself. The third number is the sum of a column, row, or diagonal, and the fourth number is the sum total of all numbers in the square.
4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6
Number of Saturn:3 The square: 9 Sum of the column, etc. : 15 Sum of all numbers: 45 The four Numbers of Saturn: 3,9, 15, and 45.
4 14 15 1
9 7 6 12
5 11 10 8
16 2 3 13
1 15 4 14
12 6 9 7
13 3 16 2
8 10 5 11
Numbers of Jupiter: 4, 16, 34, and 136
11 24 7 20 3
4 12 25 8 16
17 5 13 21 9
10 18 1 14 22
23 6 19 2 15
Numbers or Mars: 5, 25, 65, 325
6 32 3 34 35 1
7 11 27 28 8 30
19 14 16 15 23 24
18 20 22 21 17 13
25 29 10 9 26 12
36 5 33 4 2 31
Numbers of the Sun: 6, 36, 111, 666
22 47 16 41 10 35 4
5 23 48 17 42 11 29
30 6 24 49 18 36 12
13 31 7 25 43 19 37
38 14 32 1 26 44 20
21 39 8 33 2 27 45
46 15 40 9 34 3 28
Numbers of Venus: 7, 49, 175, 1225
8 58 59 5 4 62 63 1
49 15 14 52 53 11 10 56
41 23 22 44 45 19 18 48
32 34 35 29 28 38 39 25
40 26 27 37 36 30 31 33
17 47 46 20 21 43 42 24
9 55 54 12 13 51 50 16
64 2 3 61 60 6 7 57
Numbers of Mercury: 8, 64, 260, 2080
37 78 29 70 21 62 13 54 5
6 38 79 30 71 22 63 14 46
47 7 39 80 31 72 23 55 15
16 48 8 40 81 32 64 24 56
57 17 49 9 41 73 33 65 25
26 58 18 50 1 42 74 34 66
67 27 59 10 51 2 43 75 35
36 68 19 60 11 52 3 44 76
77 28 69 20 61 12 53 4 45
Numbers of the Moon: 9, 81, 369, 3321
It is important that you learn well the planetary correlations with metals, colors, and numbers. Ideally, you should take one sheet for each planet, and write on it: Name of the planet, action, metal, color, numbers, and magical square. In the coming lesson, you will first learn about the intelligences (spirits), archangels, Divine names, etc. of each planetary talisman, including their seals, or symbolic representations. Then, in the second part of the lesson, you will actually make a planetary talisman of your choice.

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PostSubject: Re: Planetary Talismans   Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:51 pm

very good information.actually its gonna coming handy for those who works with zodiac signs am i right?
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PostSubject: yep   Thu Oct 04, 2012 1:52 pm

that would be correct i find these to be verry helpfull myself
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PostSubject: by the way   Thu Oct 04, 2012 4:27 pm

this is a verry good sight with good information for free
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PostSubject: Re: Planetary Talismans   Thu Oct 04, 2012 7:46 pm

Wow, I need to get myself a Mars talisman! Only problem is that I see so many variations of its symbol online. Hmmm, hard to choose...

Also, I wonder if its associated numbers would prove successful in lotto or gambling.

Hey, it's definitely worth a try. XD

Very interesting post! Wink


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PostSubject: ha ha   Fri Oct 05, 2012 1:36 pm

i dont think it will help in the lottery but thanks for the complament
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PostSubject: continued   Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:23 pm

Planetary Talismans (C 0 N T I N U E D)

In the second lesson, you learned about the sphere of action, metals, colors, and numbers of the planets. In this lesson, You will become acquainted with additional elements which you put on planetary talismans.

Very important are the names and symbols of the main entities, or energies, of the planet: The names and symbols of the archangel, of the character, the intelligence, of the spirit, and of the demon of the planet.


Character (neutral) Spirit (positve) AGIEL Demon (neg.) ZAZEL


Character (neutral) Spirit (pos.) JOPHIEL Demon (n.) HISMAEL


Character (neutral) Spirit (+) GRAPHIEL Demon (-) BARZABEL


Character (neutraI) Spirit (+) NACHIEL Demon (-) SORATH


Character (neutral) Spirit (+) HAGIEL Demon (-) KEDEMEL


Character (neutral) Spirit (+) TIRIEL Demon (-) ASTAROTH


Character (neutral) Spirit (+) MALCHA Demon (-) HASMODAI






MARS HE (letter of the holy name) IHI ADONAY GRAPHIEL (spirit) BARZABEL (demon)

SUN VAU (letter of the holy name) HE (letter of the holy name) ELOAH NACHIEL (spirit) SORATH (demon)




For the time being, this suffices. In addition to those symbols, drawings may be made which reflect the desired effects of the talisman. Astrological characters may be included to hone the effect of the planet to your desire. The same effect can be achieved by adding intelligences or genii of the various planetary spheres. You will become familiar with those techniques in the advanced course.

For now, you need to familiarize yourself with the symbols given in this lesson. As an exercise, you may tune into some of the positive symbols (archangels, spirits, intelligences) by drawing them on a piece of paper, charging them, and then going into a meditative state to feel some of the effects. In the next lesson you will make one or two planetary talismans.

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PostSubject: sorry   Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:25 pm

youll have to go to the sight to see the charactors
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PostSubject: continued   Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:38 pm


Now you are ready to design your planetary talisman. For this purpose, you take paper or, better, cardstock. The color of the cardboard or paper should ideally be the color of the planet. Or you may use white cardboard and draw with a pen that has the color of the planet. Ideally, the pen should be new.

What you are doing now is actually not making the talisman(s), which would require a ceremonial set up and some other observances. For now, you decide how to arrange the symbols of the talisman. In other words, you practice. In the following, I will give you the arrangements, front and back, of each planetary talisman. You are not required to follow exactly the same pattern, but as you progress in your skills, you will make the decision what symbols you chose and how they should be arranged on the talisman.

Typically, a planetary talisman has two sides. One side has the numeric square (magical square) of the planet, while the other side contains the various characters, seals, names, etc., of the planet.

Let's proceed step by step in a situation where you are asked to make a talisman. Let's now imagine that somebody comes to you who wants success in love. What planetary talisman would you make for that person: VENUS, of course. To make the talisman, you may wait for a FRIDAY, which is the day of VENUS, and you may even wait for the hour of Venus. But about timing later. For now it is important that you set yourself up to make the talisman. What metal would you choose - if you make a metal talisman? The metal of Venus is COPPER. This course will not teach you how to etch metal. If you do not know how to etch or if you have two left hands as far as skills in arts and crafts are concerned, you can make just as good a talisman on cardboard that you may laminate or, better, real parchment. Parchment has a unique color. Therefore you will decide for your pen to have the color of Venus, which is GREEN.

So what you need to get now is:
1. Parchment, or paper
2. a Green pen, and a compass or, better yet, a stencil for circles.
3. Some ceremonial utensils, at least a candle (see lesson 2 where you made the SATOR AREPO talisman)
4. You will use the SATOR AREPO talisman. Therefore, if you have not made this talisman yet, now it is time that you do so.
5. Some paper to DESIGN the talisman,
which is all you need immediately.

Once you have gathered all necessary materials, you can begin with the design. You begin with the side that contains the numbers.
1. First, you draw a CIRCLE on the paper. Trace it GREEN.
2. Inside the circle, you draw a square. The corners of the square may touch the periphery of the circle. The square is subdivided in 7 x 7 -49 little squares.
3. In the little squares, you draw the numbers of the square of Venus, from 1 through 49, as shown in lesson 2.
4. In the four segments that remain, you write the four numbers of Venus, 7 on top, 49 on the right, 175 to the left, and 1225 to the bottom.
5. Now, you turn the cardboard over.
6. You begin with drawing the concentric circles. With drawing two
7. On top, between the two circles, you draw the astrological symbol for Venus.
8. In the middle, you draw the character of Venus
9. On top, between character and the astrological symbol, you draw the symbol of the archangel.
10. To the right, you draw the symbol of the spirit, to the left, you draw the symbol of the intelligence of Venus.
11. At the bottom you draw the symbol of the demon of Venus. This far, all symbols are on the talisman, unless you want to arrange the talisman in such a way that you can also draw the seal of the planet. Now, you proceed to write down the names of the spirit, character, etc. in the space between the two circles.
12. You begin on top, on the right side of the astrological symbol for Venus. You write first BNE SERAPHIM (or BNE ELOHIM). Next, write the name of the Archangel, ANAEL, to the left of the Venus symbol. Following BNE ELOHIM, you inscribe the name of the spirit, HAGIEL. On the right of ANAEL, you write the name of the intelligence, HAGITH. Last, you write the name of the Demon, KEDEMEL, at the bottom, below its symbol. You may ask "why include the demon?" There is a simple reason for this. Including the symbol of the negative force of Venus, gives you control over it, so you can ward it off. You are prepared, so to say. The position of this symbol, at the bottom, symbolizes this control. You would not want this symbol at the top of the talisman. Such a position would give you control, too, but the effect of the talisman would then be of an undesirable disharmonic nature. What you have now, is a blueprint of the talisman you are going to make. How to make and charge a planetary talisman, you will find this in the fifth lesson of this mini course.

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PostSubject: continued   Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:39 pm

Making a planetary talisman

1. The timing

You have your talisman designed. Now, you may want to determine the right time when to make the talisman. One of the most commonly used ways of timing a magical action such as making a talisman is following the system of planetary days and hours. According to this practice, a Venus talisman is best made on the day of Venus, which is Friday, during the hour of Venus. While there is agreement concerning the planetary days, there are several methods of calculating the planetary hours. The system most in use begins the day of the planet at six o'clock in the evening of the day before. The sequence of the planets is the same as was shown in previous lessons: SATURN, JUPITER, MARS, SUN, VENUS, MERCURY, and MOON. Every day begins with the hour of its ruling planet. Therefore, the first hour of Sunday, the day of the Sun, begins at six p.m. Saturday, which is the first hour of the Sun at the day of the Sun. You may use the following table to determine the times and days.

Hour Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
12 - 1 a.m. Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo
1 - 2 Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat
2 - 3 Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup
3 - 4 Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar
4 - 5 Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun
5 - 6 Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Sat
6 - 7 Jup Ver Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer
7 - 8 Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo
8 - 9 Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat
9 - 10 Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup
10 - 11 Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar
11 - 12 Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun
12 - 1 p.m. Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven
1 - 2 Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer
2 - 3 Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo
3 - 4 Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat
4 - 5 Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup
5 - 6 Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar
6 - 7 Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun
7 - 8 Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven
8 - 9 Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer
9 - 10 Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat Sun Moo
10 - 11 Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup Ven Sat
11 - 12 Ven Sat Sun Moo Mar Mer Jup

Sun = Sun, Moo = Moon, Mar = Mars, Mer = Mercury, Jup = Jupiter, Ven = Venus, Sat = Saturn

I mentioned before that you may make a talisman AT ANY TIME. However, the more elements you consider in connection with the specific energy or energies for which you are about to make a battery (a rechargeable battery, so to say), the more this talisman will contain the vibrations of those energies and the less your efforts need to be to tie those energies to the talisman.

Personally, I have made talismans that had no inscription at all and which I have made completely disregarding any time considerations and astrological considerations. Those talismans were nevertheless very strong. However, before you attempt to do this, you need to have a very advanced knowledge of the processes involved.

On the other hand, by observing as many talismanic elements as possible, you can make talismans which are equal, even better, of many talismans which are made by professional talismanologists.

2. Cleansing the materials

If you work with metal, you may cleanse with the four elements. The four elements are very important in talismanic work. For more about them see the course in cosmic consciousness (http://www.magitech.com/coscons). If you are not familiar with the four elements, there is no reason to panic. For now, it is sufficient for you to follow the procedures which are outlined below. The cleansing effect will be there no matter whether you are extremely knowledgeable of the elements or whether you have absolutely no idea thereof.

First, have the metal in a dish with sand, or earth, for a day. As you put the metal into the dish, you strongly visualize (imagine) that any impurity which pertains to the earth element will be absorbed by the earth or sand in the dish. Discard the earth after you have taken the metal disk out of it. Next, you put the disk in water for one day. Proceed the same way as with earth. Next, you heat the metal over a candle flame (with a pair of pliers, of course'), strongly imagining that all impurities pertaining to the fire element are cleansed away, and last you cool the nmetal by swinging it through the air in circles. While you do that, you imagine that all impurities which pertain to the air element are blown out of the disc of metal.

If the material is paper or parchment, you proceed in a different way, of course. First, light a candle. Then, light some incense. A stick of frankincense is excellent. This is, so, because frankincense has superior cleansing qualities. Have a cup with water and a dish with earth on the altar. What follows is a process of imagination, as was with the metal disc. After a brief meditation, look at the paper or parchment. See it connected with the four elements which are symbolized by the objects on your table. Imagine that the impurities are drawn away for the talisman to be. Finally, take the talisman, hold it in your hand, and strongly blow on it, imagining that all impurities are blown out of it into their respective elements. Blow first, connecting with the fire element. Next connect with the air element, then with water, and finally with earth. Similar procedures apply to crystals and gemstones. Those may also be put into salt water for a day or so. Salt is a universal cleanser that absorbs impurities. Therefore, you may also use salt for metal and for paper or parchment. In this latter case salt is recommended, of course, and not salt water. When working with salt, be sure to imagine that the impurities will be absorbed.

A focus on the four elements will enhance as well: First, imagine the impurities of fire being absorbed by the salt, then the impurities of the air element, then of the water element, and finally of the earth element. The cleansing, of course, has to be done before the time that you determined the making of the talisman.

3. The set up

Clean off a table. On the table, put things representing the four elements: A candle, incense, a cup with water, and a dish with earth, or sand. Instead of the dish with earth, you may use a crystal. Arrange the objects as shown below. Now, set the Sator Arepo talisman that you made in lesson two on the table, at the center of the four elements. Your workspace is in front of the symbolism of the four elements. The Sator Arepo talisman serves as an intensifier of the planetary energies you will put into the talisman that you are going to make. If you make the Venus talisman that we described in the preceding lesson, you should begin do this at the hour of Venus on the day of Venus. Four hours are available for this purpose: Thursday evening from 6 to 7 p.m., Friday early morning from 1 to 2 a.m. (ideal!), Friday morning from 8 to 9 a.m., and Friday afternoon from 3 to 4 p.m. Have your parchment ready, and the green colored pen (Venus).

4. Drawing the talisman

Enter a brief meditation. If you are familiar with the ONENESS meditation, or cosmic consciousness meditation, bring yourself into this state of alignment of the four elements.

Now, begin to draw the talisman on the parchment. Draw slowly, and while drawing project energy into the talisman. You may imagine green Light being projected into the talisman with every line you are drawing. This way, you charge the talisman as you are drawing it. Green Light projection is especially easy and powerful on the day of Venus during the hour of Venus. The Sator Arepo talisman intensifies those energies. Your state of being ONE is a still more excellent support of what you are doing.

5. Further charging

Ideally, after you finished drawing the talisman, you go on and charge it even more. Mentally trace every line of the talisman, project energy into it, look at the various symbols and numbers. Proceed this way until you feel good about the result, or until the end of the hour of Venus.


In this course, you have gained a fairly good impression of what is involved in the making of talismans, and you have gained practical experience in doing so. The process of charging the talismans that you learned here is but one of many methods. Planetary talismans are very useful, and I suggest that you make all seven for yourself. The talismans which you do not use, you put best in a glass or plastic jar with a glass or plastic lid. You may use the talismans selectively, depending on what you intend to do. It is an advantage for the beginner to carry one talisman at a time, and, preferably one talisman for several weeks. If you know your astrological chart, you may have an idea which of the planetary talisman is the one you want to have your first experience with over an extended period of time. Otherwise, your personal needs may determine the talisman you want: Jupiter for money, Venus for love, Mars for sports and competition, etc. If you have a very pressing, or a very specific, personal need, it may be useful if you get instructions to make a special talisman from a professional source. This way, you have a talisman with a very specific action rather than a planetary talisman whose action is broader and which is encompassing a variety of fields of life experiences.

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PostSubject: sorry   Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:44 pm

sorry i didn't gett all of this information on the sight before iv been verry busy
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PostSubject: by the way   Thu Oct 11, 2012 5:35 pm

warnings are poasted for each metal if needed
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PostSubject: Re: Planetary Talismans   

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Planetary Talismans
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