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 Witchcraft as a Practice

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PostSubject: Witchcraft as a Practice   Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:36 pm

Witchcraft is a basic method of spell casting that uses magical tools
such as candles, herbs, oils and spell craft to create magical
effects. It is a belief and practice that is known all over the
world. It is estimated that there are over four million neo-pagans
and non Christian theists today. These are basic definitions to
describe various beliefs and practices like paganism, occultism,
witchcraft, and Satanism.1
Many have tried to theorize on the origins of the word 'witch'. The
most accepted version seems to be 'wise woman' from the word 'wicce',
however this generally explains the origins of how witchcraft is
acceptably defined in Wicca. The author AE Waite, in the Book of
Ceremonial magic, notes that the word 'Goety' Goetia was the Greek
word for Witchcraft, which referred to the 'howling' of spirits when
they are evoked.2
The word Goetia, or Goety is also usually connected with Sorcery, and
magic in general. This definition seems to fit, considering that many
practices of witchcraft incorporate the use of spiritual entities. In
truth, there are many theories on how this word has developed,
usually relating to those who use magic.
Magic is the art of directing specific results through the force of
will. An example of this is Candle magic, where the witch could use a
specific candle color, and anoint the candle with oils, and perhaps,
carve a specific sigil into the candle, burn the candle on a certain
day or time of the moon, to cause certain effects. Each thing that
the witch does during the spell adds to the spells result.
Some also associate witchcraft with feminist magic. In the case of
Wiccan witchcraft there are many feminist cults, some who are Dianic
and lesbian. Yes, there are male witches, and many of the founders of
Wicca were men, such as Gerald Gardner, Alex Saunders and Raymond
Many male witches disassociate with the use of the title 'warlock',
originally meant 'traitor, deceiver and liar'.3 Not wanting to
identify with the Christian devil, they disassociate with this word
and most prefer to be called witch. Not so with Satanists, whom some
embrace the title of warlock with pride. The choice is personal, and
once you practice and learn varied forms of magic you may not choose
to conveniently fit into one label.
Satanic witchcraft is not just for women or feminists, it is allgendered,
it is not related to wicca, and it is not a religion.
Witchcraft is a craft of magic, sometimes influenced by but not
related directly to religion. And, Satanic witchcraft is the magic of
the Satanist.
It is also not a 'birthright', one is not born into magic and
witchcraft, but like any art it is a skill that some may be talented
in naturally, and almost anyone can learn with study and practice.
It is said that all Wiccans use Witchcraft, but not all Witchcraft
users are Wiccan. While it is true that Wiccans who use magic as a
religion, burn candles and use oils and herbs for magic, there are
many other traditions that use similar associations and methods to
obtain magical results.
For instance, the Native Americans practice a form of natural
religious witchcraft. Religious witchcraft is also used in neopaganism,
Kemetic paganism, the Stregheria tradition of Italian
witchcraft, the Feri Tradition created by Victor and Cora Anderson,
the Voodoo tradition, Santeria, Kitchen or Hedge witchery, folk
magic, Celtic Witchcraft, in Satanism, and through many more
practices that have evolved over time. Some of these traditions are a
blend of mystical and magical associations from different cultures
and religions.
The witchcraft methods these groups use, seem to be commonly found in
occultism in general. Witchcraft was made popular when it was
formulated by Wicca, but witchcraft did not originate with wicca, nor
is it owned by Wicca. Basic evidence of this is found in the Greek
culture who used magic and witchcraft in pre-chrsitian times, long
before any modern-day wiccan ever lived.
The Three Fold Law, Law of Return
Wiccan magic is based on moral and religious beliefs of the Witches
Creed, which contains what is sometimes known as the 'rule of three'.
Satanic magic does not have a similar creed. But, what influence does
the three fold law have for Satanists? To begin with, the threefold
law is not a part of satanic practices. It originates from the
religion of Wicca and other neo-pagan practices that teach this as
moral system of guidance. This law or creed states that what the
witch does will return to them three times, for good or for evil.
Some also use the eastern beliefs of Karma to illustrate this idea.
There is the threefold law (rule of three) which states "What you do
will return to you threefold" and the Witch's creed: "An it harm ye
none do what ye will". The three-fold law is a moral convention found
most often in Wicca. It is not a 'lie', but instead it is a belief that is instilled within Wicca followers for the sake of social
order, tradition, and religious belief. It is known as the witch's
creed, by these groups. Many authors in occultism have written about
it, which may be why it is in the public perception that harmful
magic will return to the sender.
For an example, Timothy Roderick, a Wiccan author, suggests that the
emergence of witchcraft in the 1950's came from the influence of
ceremonial magic, The Golden Dawn, and Crowley, all of which included
Eastern mysticism in their practices. This lead Wiccans to adopt the
principle of karma [borrowed from India], that they used in their
magic practice as a moral guide. Roderick also suggests that "Witches
[Wiccans] avoid harmful practices because they know that harmful
magic harms everyone".4
In my experience with discussing the Creed and the Threefold law with
Wiccans I have discovered that some do not adhere to this witches
creed as strictly as some others do. There are some neo-pagans who
would use harmful magic, but generally it is intended for protection,
and not malicious casting. It gets further complicated when they add
the element of 'Karma' to their deserving target! So there are
exceptions to this rule, and it is a created rule like all other
moral teachings of religion that are meant to be used as a guide
within a religion.
Satanists are not neo-pagan or Wiccan, so why should these same moral
laws apply to them in the use of magic? For example, in LaVeyan
Satanic philosophy, LaVey suggests this same basic question of
morality, by stating 'When a man smites you on one cheek smash him on
the other! ..Self Preservation is the highest law' and the Satanic
version of the golden rule, 'do unto others as they have done unto
you'.5 LaVey rationalizes these laws instead of moralizing them.
Satanism is an individual practice and because of this there are no
standards that fit for all people.
This serves to illustrate a basic point that I think is common
amongst all Satanists - that we have the option to take offensive
actions using magic either for defense or manipulation because it is
a matter of expediency, not morality.
Magic that is cast [as a spell, for example] has a specific purpose.
It is sent in a specific direction and has a specific influence with
a certain outcome; magic does not bounce around or multiply and
return to the sender. Magic has a source, and when magic is properly
directed it has a destination and a purpose that is intended to
achieve a beneficial result.
Some choose not to moralize this process and bypass all the stigma,worry, and fear that comes with religious neo-pagan magic. So to
answer the Question: the only influence that the threefold law has in
Satanism is that it should be recognized for what it is - a moral
teaching that some witchcraft and neo-pagan cults use as a religious
and social convention. Taking this into consideration it is easier to
see why the moral teachings of some occult groups do not apply to the
practice of magic as a whole.

White and Black Magic

Have you heard of magic referred to as white or black, or even green,
or yellow? It seems that magic is represented by a rainbow of colors
and everything in between. These names refer to schools of magic,
specific practices that are taught to magicians through occult orders
as traditions. Within these traditions, magic that is labeled as
black is often the type that they warn against for various reasons,
mostly because of moral ideals. Some who are in the Right hand path
claim that only white magic is used to help or to heal, and black
magic is used to destroy or damage.
Some occult orders want to teach that magic only works in a certain
method, that their way is the only and true way, and that all other
kinds of magic beyond this are false or evil. These occult leaders
use moral doctrines are wrong, harmful to the self, or harmful to
others, and are very restrictive in their guidelines.
Let us move beyond this restrictive thinking. Every school of magic
is different according to what they teach. I will not teach you that
black magic is evil, but I will warn you against the reckless use of
personal power that could leave you very powerless in the end. The
same could be said for paths of light or right hand paths of
righteousness, and how absolute power corrupts absolutely.
I will suggest that all magicians should take personal responsibility
for their actions, whatever they will them to be. Magic is real, and
you really have to live with the consequences of casting a spell,
whether that spell causes a chain reaction of events that are
positive or negative. But, I guarantee that once you know how to use
magic you will not want to live without it.
Apart from the teachings of some orders, magic in general is not
ruled by some sort of cosmic justice. You only get what you give and
nothing more. The 'forces of the universe' that the magician works
with have no personal interest in us. Magic is a technique that is
used by the magician for whatever the need may be. Magic is not good
or evil by it's own nature. Instead, magic is a tool that is wielded
by the magician. Much like the symbol in magic that represents the
Will, magic, is like a sword or dagger – in some instances it can
save your life and help you to survive, but it can also be used to kill and destroy.
There are no colors in magic, only different methods by which magic
are used. And, if magic could be any color at all, in general, it
would be varying shades of Grey. Regardless, all of the knowledge of
any magic system since the beginning of (recorded) magic is there for
you to use at your desire to create what you want. You have to be
able to expand your concept of choice. You are not bound by the same
moral rules as these other magicians are. You are limited only by
your imagination and your desire to succeed.
In time you can develop your own personal ethic in magic and decide
what is right for you in whatever situation you are in. That is what
Satanism and Satanic Witchcraft is about – creating your own personal
Satanic path, and building the magical self.
For spiritual satanists, or for satanists who have an interest in the
occult, the practice of magic is a great way to connect with the
powers of the Earth and with Satan. Magic is an art and it takes a
long time to learn through study and practice. This book is my guide.
There is no fake history behind this method that I have created, just
common witchcraft and magic methods that are put into a balanced
framework that any competent satanist could work successfully with,
regardless of their system of spiritual belief.
Herbs, crystals and stones, and planetary or astrological
associations that represent specific aspects can be used in
witchcraft to cast spells. Demons and gods associated with Satanism
can be called upon during spell work. If you choose to add demonic
associations into your practices, it is your decision. Hopefully this
book will give you the knowledge to be able to create your own method
of magic.
In general, Satanic witchcraft is a focus of the dark aspects of
witchcraft. The dark is the maleficent, the destructive and the
chaotic. Dark magic like this includes using curses, spells that
manipulate situations that aid the magician. Other practices of dark
magic include working with the demonic. Satanic witchcraft is,
simply, witchcraft created by a practicing Satanist.
I practice solitary eclectic witchcraft, so my methods do not easily
fit into typical categories. In this series of writings I will be
discussing elemental associations, planetary and demonic
associations, candle magic, the use of oils and incense, and many
other topics. These are my methods, and this guide to Satanic
Witchcraft is my creation based on my research and experience in
magic and satanism.
To study magic, and to really see a benefit from using it, takes
focus and determination. Once you understand the basic principles you can achieve many things. But learning these basic principles will
change your life forever. Knowledge is like a door into a new
reality, and a life that is filled with magic potential. Once you
pass through this door there is no turning back. You can have the
success that you desire with a dedication to learning the craft of
the wise.

Source: www.spiritualsatanist.com
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Witchcraft as a Practice
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