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 Code of Ethics in Spell Casting by Priestess Charm

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PostSubject: Code of Ethics in Spell Casting by Priestess Charm   Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:55 am

As the previous chapter took into account the introduction of Witchcraft/Wicca, you will remember that I have mentioned that another article shall be posted when it comes to rules or code of ethics as I prefer to call it. Personally, I hate rules I think rules are made to give limitations to one’s capacity to move forward and further. That is why with my spell casting I prefer to “live” by the code of ethics. I look at it as a way of living, not a boundary, I live by this ethics to guide me into doing what is right. Though I may hypocritical and you may ask “Haven’t you done any bad spells? Or haven’t you ever casted magic that caused harm?” the answer to your questions is YES I HAVE. Though I must warn you that every spell casted will come back to you in three folds (as per mentioned previously), I have done the spell through careful thinking and consideration. These things are not dealt with lightly because the return of the magic casted is not lightly too. So I advice everybody to tread carefully into the world of magic, there is no game here, no winner on who can cast magic the faster, the best nor most. It is honoring and respecting the powers given to you by the higher being that has aid your work. With that said I hope that you will be responsible spell casters and magic wielders as you journey through your path.

1. Honor the Gods (or what ever source you find inspiration from) for they are manifestations of power and the channels of the SOURCE.

The source being as the beginning of all things. The higher being that aids you to move through the path of the magical world. As you honor your Gods, honor yourself as well. You come directly and purely from them, you are their sons and daughters. The great offspring of this good Earth. Honoring yourself and respecting yourself is a manifestation of your honor and respect for them.

2. Let pure energy and a pure heart be the source of your power.

Your heart is the purest form of magic, it is what drives you to be forgiving, to be patient, to fulfill desires that no one else can do. The simple saying “Follow your heart” is the most powerful ethic that a spell caster can do. From your heart flow the purest energy that can bring forth all magical works and the most effective spells. The energy in you is love, as simple as it may sound but of pure desire and want, why do you think we desire things? Why do you think we want to make ourselves better? It is because of love of that thing or person that implores you to do this. Now the question, why do I want to hurt somebody sometimes? As ludicrous as it may sound but this is because of love too. You do not hate because you are evil, no, you hate because you love. Love is not the opposite of hate, they are one and from one lives the other. It is not possible to love and not to hate, this too works hand in hand, completing each other to bring forth the power of magic.

3. Respect all things in this world.

All the things around you aids you for your magic, the Earth, the wind, the sea, the rock, the animals, people, etc. You should respect them to bring clarity to your inner self, to guide your mind into the proper way of using your magical powers. These things are not mere “furniture” in our daily lives, they are companions and if you respect them and revere them as yourself then maybe one day you will be able to hear them speak to you. Guide you through the most effective way to enhance your capabilities and tell you great secrets of this world.

4. Do no harm.

As much as want to I want to make this as the first code of ethics I have decided to make it the fourth one. You ask why? It is because I want to teach you first the ethic of honor, then of love and of respect. After all of this and I truly hope you do take it into heart, you will be able to understand the true meaning of “Do no harm”. In our daily lives we often find ourselves at the crossroads of our decisions, to do harm or not. Doing no harm does not mean being suppressed or living as an underdog for the rest of your life. It just simply means to have the proper discipline of choosing to do what is good. Being good does not mean to be hidden all the time to live in the shadows for fear of being evil or bad. Good will rise up if the need is needed, taking down the most strict way of dealing with the adversaries that one must banish to be able to live. If it is because of good you were able to do harm, then I assure you, you will feel terrible. It would be ignorant to say that you feel great because you know that you did this because of the goodness of your heart. No, doing something good causes pain because you know that you have done something that will change their lives forever thus doing harm. So, this is the dilemma that every spell caster constantly has to live with, to let good rise up and being able to do harm on important times and being responsible for consequences that they will partake because of the desire to do good.

5. Always look back from where you came from.

Our path in the future does not come from unknowing decisions or from the blissful unknowing Fate. It comes from the where you started, never forget this. No matter how bad your past may seem, no matter how much you suffered through the start of your journey, you must NEVER forget. These memories are the ones that will lead you to a higher enlightenment of your journey. Never discard your past, keep it in a lock in your heart, look into it when you feel the need to be strong to carry on. As you reminisce your pain you will soon see that the person you are now cannot be molded if not for the hardships of your past. This will lead you to celebrate a higher self that will emerge from your struggle and with this the purest form of magic will flow. You will be proud of your heritage and be thankful for everything that has come upon you and move higher on to the world.

A final word:

I do not mean to impose these codes of ethics to anyone who does not want it, I still believe in the free will of each being that everyone must choose the path that they will walk on. I believe that they should be with full capacity to wield their destiny into the path that they choose it to be. I have no doubt in this. Though I must say that with a cause comes an effect, if the time comes when you have to live past through the ethical decision of magic I can only hope that you will be able to be strong enough to face the ripple of the tide that you have done. May your journeys be lighted and may you have the clarity of mind in heart through your decisions. Blessed Be!
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Code of Ethics in Spell Casting by Priestess Charm
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