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 The subject of Immortality

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PostSubject: The subject of Immortality   Sun Nov 04, 2012 8:34 am

Immortality is described as an ability to live forever or an immunity from death. there are 2 types of immortality which is spiritual immortality and physical immortality. Across the cultural beliefs and religion dogmas, spiritual immortality its the main part of the systems and being explained in wide scope.

spiritual immortality usually achieved after death occurred. example if a person died, his soul will be reborn into the world in different human form and the cycle continues. the beliefs of afterlife also connected to spiritual immortality which happens when the souls of the dead goes to hell or heaven, they will never died again.

Unlike spiritual immortality, physical immortality rarely mentioned in religion dogmas but it become a main wish for people whom believes in it. physical immortality is a state of life to avoid natural death, maintenance of self-consciousness, immunization from diseases and repelling the aging effects. physical immortality preserves the cells, systems and mind state of a person from degenerate as the time passed and reinforce immune system against all kind of disease.

We had been bombarded with lots of movies and books that told about zombies or even vampires being the undead creatures, which means they are immortal the undead originated from dead people arise from their grave which their body literally is an empty shell without the soul and lived for evil purpose. this is a myth being used to describe physical immortality, gives a wrong idea for most people to think that becoming an immortal mean to lose a soul in the process.

Soul or sometimes described as life force is what makes an organism alive. death is a separation of soul from the organism body, making the whole cells, systems, mind and consciousnesses stop functioning. knowing this, how it is possible to preserve all of these if soul had been taken out from the body? so, person with physical immortality still have their soul and remain alive like normal person, but the different is their soul will forever stay inside the body and preserved from natural death.

Death had been considered by science as natural phenomena in all living beings for the stability of world populations and thus, immortality being pushed away from scientific study, treated as a possibility that could never been achieved by any living beings. to put simply, immortality never exist.

However, from history, immortality is one of the old subjects that ever been studied since the ancient time, but most of the records about physical immortality methods had lost, stolen or destroyed which making large part of it remained as secrets. but from many theories, it is believed the methods for one to achieve physical immortality will borrow the power of powerful beings like gods or demons since these beings being known to live for eternity, have powers that exceed death itself. takes example from the story of Hades, the god of hell whom grant immortality for Ambrogio in famous vampiric legend and story of Cain being awakened as immortal from Lilith.

Other theory believe that immortality is a sleeping trait that lies inside each humans. this is based from the story of Adam and Eve, whom had been made immortal when they live on Eden but once they ate the forbidden fruit, the immortality had been put to sleep, being passed from generation to generation till today, but it can be awakened back.

Some said immortality is a gift which become a great key to overcome death, disease and aging, but there are people whom put it as a curse because for people whom lived for eternity will be condemned. Generally, we find different people gives different thoughts when it come to this topic but the main point is we have power to choose what we want as well gain more about it by learning from different perspectives.

source :

''Face your ultimate enemy, the ones named as Fear.''
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PostSubject: Re: The subject of Immortality   Sun Nov 04, 2012 4:19 pm

great information.thank you Wink
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The subject of Immortality
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