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 The demonic powers and brain evolution.

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PostSubject: The demonic powers and brain evolution.   Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:54 am

Brain hold great unlimited potentials but science discovers that most humans only used small part of their brain which creating a limitless boundary in a person's potential as well as abilities. Theoretically, having all of the brain part used or activated will bring a possibility for someone to become a 'superhuman', developing special abilities, powers, IQ, etc that will exceed normal humans. Due to this reason, scientists hold major interest in studying the brain to seek the keys to solve this quest.

We may ask ''is it really possible to 'unlock' the brain or awakening the dormant part to develop unlimited potentials within one?'' for this question, the answers is Yes, several researches from scientists before brought a wonderful discovery. like what they get from most cases of humans whom developed special abilities after they involved into certain incidents. from these weird occurring, scientists believes there are 'something' from the incidents had triggering their brain which resulting the unexpected changes.

Let's took an example from Daniel Tammet, whom amazed people for being able to learn one of the most difficult languages on Earth, Icelandic, in just 7 days. His extraordinary abilities are linked to synesthesia. He can “feels” numbers in terms of texture, shape and color. Some scientists believe that the epileptic seizures he suffered as a small child which nearly ended his life, somehow unlocked the door to an incredible ability that may be inherent in all humans.

Alonzo Clemons is another example, a man whom developed an incredible talent, which appears after a head injury he got as a child. He can see a fleeting image (on a television screen for example) of any animal and in less than 20 minutes, he will sculpt a perfect replica of that animal 3D accuracy, which almost 97 percents perfect as the original. The wax animal is correct in each and every detail, down to each fiber and muscle.

From these people, we may conclude that the brain injuries or diseases had disturb their brain but rather than giving disastrous effects, it awakening the brain part which been sleeping before and resulting in such magnificent abilities/potentials development. The alternation caused by outside factors(diseases, accidents, trauma).

There few natural ways for anyone to awakened their hidden abilities or potentials, like in possessing the telekinesis abilities, anyone is possible to gain it through certain yet intense practices/exercise which eventually triggering the related brain part to bring the results. some people had been born with special abilities/powers but unaware or doesn't know how to unlock it.

Certain abilities can be awakened through magic or dark arts practices. mind reading, future foretelling, levitation, etc, can be awakened with interference from external/outside forces or powers of demons, elements,deity, universal, etc. let focus in dark arts workings, which summoning demons/spirits for purpose of wakening one's potentials and powers.

The great Grimoire of Solomon says Seere is well known spirit whom ''provide True revelations of things stolen or lost". so, by invoking the spirit Seere, an area of the brain which largely responsible for psychic ability will be stimulated by the spirit, resulting in prophetic dreams experiences.

If a grimoire says that the spirit Sitri "enflameth the love of women" then it's mean the invocation of this spirit will stimulate an area of the brain which responsible for personal magnetism and charisma, making the person become more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

The reason why human's brains capable to works such in this ways is because just as many animals pass their "knowledge and experience" to their offspring through their genetic code, human beings have the ability to access "genetically transmitted" knowledge. takes hypnotism or mind control sessions, a person could transfer or implant his/her thoughts into the victim's brain which resulting the victims to think same things as theirs.

Similar concept implied to the matter which had been explained before. the said demons or spirits will transferred their knowledge or abilities, but done by altering the inactivated brain part to cause the manifestation of the abilities or powers which is going to be permanent, although the spirits are no longer present within a person after the summoning and the alteration process.

source :
1. http://www.dailygalaxy.com/my_weblog/2008/03/does-the-human.html
2. http://www.jwelford.demon.co.uk/brainwaremap/limits.html
3. Demonic Bible, pdf - page 20-30.

''Face your ultimate enemy, the ones named as Fear.''
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PostSubject: Re: The demonic powers and brain evolution.   Thu Nov 15, 2012 2:35 am

Very informative!

Great post, dear! Twisted Evil


"Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood there, wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before..."
― Edgar Allan Poe
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PostSubject: Re: The demonic powers and brain evolution.   Fri Nov 16, 2012 6:14 am

Wow this is amazing. I heard of this before but I never saw examples or knew about the fact that dark art can release such abilities. Thank you for sharing!
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PostSubject: Re: The demonic powers and brain evolution.   

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The demonic powers and brain evolution.
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