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 lycanthropy ritual

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PostSubject: lycanthropy ritual   lycanthropy ritual Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 11:10 am

first of all: this ritual is a free translation of this one(google translator)
[url=http://matilha-do-lobisomem.blogspot.pt/2011/10/lembre-se-isso-nao-e-brincadeira-caso.html ]http://matilha-do-lobisomem.blogspot.pt/2011/10/lembre-se-isso-nao-e-brincadeira-caso.html [/url]


The following ritual of lycanthropy is part of the cultural production of fruit formation of satanic brotherhood known as Fraternitas Templi Satanis and did it as a part of its official publications, and its Ritualistic Act XXXIV. Its operations are based on the practices of the Black Order of the Dragon, but gained momentum after own personal experimentation. Its use is indicated in those moments when the force, fury, vitality and animal consciousness are necessary.

Every human being is a potential beast. The unwary may rum strange ritual of lycanthropy being presented as a satanic ritual. However, a brief meditation shows that nothing more can be expected than that. Satanism anyway, as a philosophical teaches that the human psyche is a huge reservoir of energy, creativity and power that for most people remains untouched throughout his life. Anton LaVey was even shouted that "There is a beast in man that should be exercised, not exorcisada."

This chasm, generally represented by the figure of Satan, actually have many other forms, being beastly to one of the most popular in the various mythologies around the world. Rare people who does not have a shape that is half-god or animal endowed with bestial features clearly. Fenriz, Set and Pan are just a few to name the best known. It is not coincidence that these three gods were later identified with the the devil figure.

The ritual should be to better use, held outdoors as soon as the twilight starts.


0. That the altar is erected as one should know. * Refers to lift the Satanic Altar

One. That perform the Ritual of the inverted pentagram.

2nd. What with the athame or index finger, trace a circle in a counterclockwise direction in a space large enough to hold a person.

3rd. That facing the altar and into the circle this invocation is made:
"What manifest the demonic powers of the beasts! I envoco all creatures of shadow, so that one of them penetrating the circle that plotted to receive them.
Which one among the thousands of beings abyss nigérrimo bring your bestial nature, and make me be a true lycanthrope.
Ghosts of Darkness! I invoke you, my human will complete with animal power! '

4th. When you realize you could satisfactorily express beastly power within the circle, between it and close your eyes for a few seconds. And then URRE cathartically.

5th. Blur your mind of his human rationality and soak in your astral vision. Feel every muscle strengthening and expanding bestially, the coat grow abundantly in your body. Feel your feature becomes the be a fierce nocturnal. See your fingers turning into claws and teeth turn into fangs. Feel consciousness lycanthropy and do what you have to accomplish.

6th. When the beast so it is more useful not reenter the circle and back again to human form. Close the circle clockwise and perform the ritual of the pentagram. The beast form should not be held until the sunrise.

Commentary R.C Zarco

Regardless of the nature of the ritual lycanthrope, should avoid prolonged maintenance of "god form" assumida.Como even brokered a bibliography less dogmatic principles and strict religious-confirms, it is mister conceive the co-existence of two distinct instances in experience Humana.Um books-examples able to discuss about this "dual nature Human" with impressive breadth and depth, it is arranged in the brochure "The Sacred and the Profane" Mircea Eliade.

In the aforementioned work, the Romanian philosopher and anthropologist-of-religions part of an analysis, your typical, able to serve up the Comparative Theology to ratify it in all religious manifestations of man there is a clear demarcation between dimensions "sacred" and " profane ". devanecer The boundary of this almost universal religious perception of humanity, it would translate into a prosaic and comezinho instillation of experience within the forces, so until then considered" supernatural "," magical "and" exciting "immanent to Sacred possible component of a given surdinar religião.Em short, it would end up as "profanizar", "corrupt" or "trivialize" the quickening of the Sacred in that religion.

Through this factor, it will ask skeptically, perhaps: "And what is the fucking problem with this trivialization?" The reply to this question and sour surprise, it is: "It's the tearing of the veil of the tabernacle, causing , Thus, a decay of the aura of mystery of religious procedures, allow yourself to make the magic something fantastic out of the field which is transforming itself into a mere ritual or liturgy Sunday derruída litany of metamorphic significance.. "Yes, perfectly free vapors ghostly, fleeting and fey, the power of magic present in unequal doses, in every manifestation ritualistic-religious weakens, thus not providing a satisfactory and palpable breach of Consciousness needed to fruition transformative afetativa and intense psychodrama or Archetypal Unconscious .

Without abundant and vital becomings of Unconsciousness or Archetypal-Theatricality Psychodramatic, Will looms, in this case, unable to transmute both exogenous variables as the endogenous elements of the operator or follower of a religion (Subjective religaredespressurização of Reason and Conscience.

The tireless questioner can at this point of the trova, inferred yet, "Okay, it seems to me that the Holy dimension with everything that has to Unconsciousness translates into more appropriate to operate magical and ecstatically, however detens which guarantee that dissolve the boundaries of a 'sacred' and 'profane' would have a primacy of profanity on the sacredness? ". really builds up an equation thinkable opposite where we live almost in a perennial state of Enlightenment libérrimo of everything "Profane" and "Everyday." However, the hypothesis that sort of event result is very low ...

Since we are expelled from blood, urine and filth in actual physiological Earth, suffered a gradual process of normalization of the actions, thoughts and emotions according to the morality of a given epoch histórica.Somos even convinced that we have one Ego substantial and able to monistic represent us as identity day by day ... So this massive deformation, constant and very general can hardly be broken without a socially well judged, "psychiatric injury" irresilível (Example: Schizophrenia), stoicism (Example: Supporting poverty caused by the exclusion made by the Company gregarious) and serenidade.Observando up, even at a glance, the most visible elements of the Collectivity loved, he realizes that many fewer than half of them are endowed with such great courage, stoicism and calmness essential for a change such magnitude.O "Sacred" consists less "strong", "viable" and "concrete" than the "Unholy", having a more plausible cabeiro this condition continued imposition than that ...

We conclude in this way that a prolongation in the "wolfish" or "animalistic" rite of force to a loss of demarcation between the "sacred" and "profane" in magista.As consequences less severe and egregious, materilizar up would a loss of efficacy of the ritual for his newly acquired "banality" ...

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PostSubject: Re: lycanthropy ritual   lycanthropy ritual Icon_minitimeFri Jan 04, 2013 9:16 am

how does this differ from the other werewolf ritual ? Question
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PostSubject: Re: lycanthropy ritual   lycanthropy ritual Icon_minitimeTue Jan 08, 2013 8:51 am

wolfman90 wrote:
how does this differ from the other werewolf ritual ? Question

A lot actually Lycan's can control when they turn while werewolves are effected by the moon.

It's quite easy to get the two mixed but there is a big difference even when one transform's into their beast form
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PostSubject: confused   lycanthropy ritual Icon_minitimeThu Apr 11, 2013 1:47 pm

the steps really don't make sense to me doesn't say what materials i need or any chant
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PostSubject: Re: lycanthropy ritual   lycanthropy ritual Icon_minitime

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lycanthropy ritual
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