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 This is me

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PostThis is me

I am not normal that much is true I am part vampire part werewolf part succubus and part demon. My name is Angel or that is what I have been given as my human name my real name is Lana Morgaine Angelfyre LeFaye and my main question is how do I deal in this world of walking meats?
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This is me :: Comments

Re: This is me
Post on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:25 pm  Whitedemon
you dont need to do anything special my friend.just visit a psychologist Exclamation
Re: This is me
Post on Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:54 pm  Nightshade
Sorry but thats hard to believe,I think you are confused dear. No one can't be that much mixed. Just for the Record Succubus(Succubi) are demons. So its remotely impossible.
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 8:22 am  Satrinah
The soul essence is quite remarkable as it not only incarnates across time and space, it also incarnates across dimensions. It is rare that someone is able to tap into their other dimensional selves as the 'vibrational essence' of them is normally too far removed from our human existance unless a great deal of spiritual work has been undertaken. In some schools of thought it is accepted and understood that the vampiric/undead/'immortal' self is the sum total of our many selves, all energy across dimensions/times/planes taken into one space so those abilities, understandings and qualities become manifest in the 'risen' being. However, having said that it is also possible to be become confused and almost 'absorb' as ourselves energies that we come in contact with, so we actually believe that which we have connected with is us when infact it is not. I would strongly suggest LadyLana you do a number of things, such as clear your energy field to make sure that it is not being compromised by other energies. This can be done energetically or using salts and various herbs. I would check to make sure that your aura is intact - medicinal and recreation drugs, alcohol, stress, sickness, shock can all lead to holes and auric damage. A simple way of healing these tears is to meditate, sleep/bath/sit with fern leaves. As they are one of the oldest forms of life on this planet they hold the orginal energetic blueprints and will help you realine to that state of wholeness. Please note, this is healing your human self. I would also check for 'invaders' - spirits and other beings frequently seek refuge/home/a good restaurant inside our fields and we can pick up their energy signature, again believing them to be ours. We also have to bear in mind that sensitive people can fall prey very easily to the elemental energies and beliefs cultivated by our culture, especially in this age of the sexy vampire/succubus/werewolf teenagers that we live in. Pop culture can have a very deep effect on our subconcious mind and energy fields.
Of course there is also the chance that a level of delusion is there - please be aware that when you are working with non-physical beings, asking yourself if you are deluded and taking steps to check your mental health is important and something that all experienced practitioners do. Total honesty with yourself is essential. I remember one of our esteemed moderators saying that she believed that her working had worked, however she was waiting and patiently checking off the signs and awaiting confirmation. We must have total resolve and no doubt, but we also have to examine and inspect everything, bearing in mind human 'frailties'. We work with energies, energies that can effect the mind and thinking on a negative as well as positive level. If we are not 'master' of our ego and base selves something else can sit in that seat. Magick is real and very very powerful, but it is also easy to fall into the trap of making a fantasy. They say the line between genius ( true knowledge) and madness is very fine.
Once you have checked that you are clear, clean and whole and the feeling of these seperate parts is still strong, then you could address that and seek a mentor who has experience in these areas. A shaman would be an obvious choice.
The important thing to remember is, that no matter what we are, human, vampire, or are blessed in touching a mix, they are all powerful beings and there is no 'shame' in 'just' being human as that is a point of great power and potential. Humans are creators and ultimately, with the correct training and mentorship, become anything they so chose.
Dark regards,
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 11:59 am  wolfman90
i want what ever your smokin lol! Very Happy
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:11 pm  Satrinah
Was that comment aimed at me or Ladylana, Wolfman?
Frankly, as we are on a forum that is actively exploring and experimenting with ways to become an 'undead', I think the comments about mental health, seeing mental health specialists and having smoked substances to alter ones perception on reality more than a little out of place. We are the alledgely 'mad, delusional ones' and when someone comes to us asking for guidance and we don't understand their situation instead of saying that it isn't within our understanding we're labelling them. That's not exactly supportive, open minded or educational. It maybe Ladylana needs help from a professional, but just because someone doesn't understand her situation, it does not give them the right to condesendingly dish her.
Furthermore, as a student of the occult for over 3 decades, being mentored by an adept of over 4 decades of experience, who has a mentor who HAS CROSSED THE ABYSS I can honestly say that I learn something new every single day. And my mentors would tell you the same. Please have the humility to realise that we do NOT know it all.
ps this is not aimed at you personally Wolfman as you are actually probably the least of the culprits.
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:41 pm  Nightshade
I don't mind what others come and believe But I don't know if what she says is true.
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 6:30 pm  Satrinah
That is the whole point, we don't know if things are 'true' or not, we can only go by personal experience and the guidance of our mentors, which is different for each individual. This is why I said to her about personal honesty, and that we can easily delude ourselves, and sometimes even seek attention. But without actual proof that someone is deliberately misleading or are deluded I don't believe it is responsible to tell them that they are - it's hard enough coping in this world if you're different anyway without having other 'oddballs' (Wink myself included...) saying that we need help.
I suppose as I work with Shamanic principles and have a practice I am used to people needing the support, and tend to take the attitude that take things at face value, give the support and if they need help with their mental state or with attention seeking then find them/give them the support for that too.
Darkest regards,
Re: This is me
Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 7:40 pm  Whitedemon
guys be realistic.a person cant be these creatures at a time so of course its not true.maybe she thought this website is a roleplaying website.if it is then she is wrong cuz we are all following a serious purpose in here
Re: This is me
Post on Sat Mar 23, 2013 3:02 am  wolfman90
im just saying it seems very illogical that she could be some ultimate hybrid demon thing Exclamation
Re: This is me
Post on Sat Mar 23, 2013 11:56 am  Satrinah
Actually, on a soul level she could have those traits. As I have said before, the soul does not just incarnate across time and space, but also across planes. However, tsomeone would not usually have any contact with those aspects of the soul unless they have done a great deal of work to bring them in, which does mean that the original questioner is probably either carrying energies that are not hers in her fields and needs to clear them out, taking on the energies of things that she's coming across unconsciously on the astral or needs some escape from her life into fantasy.
However, having said all that, we are creators. The reason why a human feels the pull towards the occult or being a vampire/werewolf or other such undead/demonic being, is because that energy already resonates with us and through working with 'gods' or other such beings we can through co-creation become something more. Demonic transformation is possible and there are Dark Occult Orders that actually work to this end. In fact, there are Dark Occult Orders that teaches the seeker that ALL is possible with the correct allies and dedication. I personally know adepts who are carving themselves in the image of many different beings at the same time, the attributes all aiding their own personal form through Apotheosis. And they would maintain that they feel the pull of the demonic, the reaper/dragon/lich/vampire/succubus in their veins, that their soul is already carrying that energy, so that is why they are walking that way.
This site is for one of 2 fixed forms of transformation, and is rare as the rites discussed are powerful and freely, openly given. There are other occult 'groups' that discuss far more than your vampire or werewolf forms of transfigueration.
Darkest regards,
Re: This is me
Post on Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:33 am  darkdiela5
BlackRose wrote:
guys be realistic.a person cant be these creatures at a time so of course its not true.maybe she thought this website is a roleplaying website.if it is then she is wrong cuz we are all following a serious purpose in here

got to agree with you. well, it's not like this is the first time we have been visited by ''people'' whom claimed to develop some inhuman superpowers or becoming a mutant hybrids.

well, it is a clear notes for everyone. you can brag of whatever powers you got or mutants you have become in this site, but seriously...

how's doing that will be useful and helpful to our dear members?
Re: This is me
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This is me

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